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5 Alarm Energy Shots – Extinguish and Blaze

I have tried a whole lot of energy shots over the years – as a matter of fact I might even think I have tried more different little 2 ounce bottles than 99% of the country.  I have tried over 125  separate kinds of energy shots, and this is the very first one that I have ever had that has such a unique flavor profile, and makes a difference to firefighters.

5-Alarm Energy is Definitely one of the more original energy shots out there – not only is it concentrating on the very small niche of firefighters and fire fighting enthusiasts, but it also gives part of their proceeds to the Sons of the Flag Burn Foundation – A non-profit organization that aims to promote scientific research initiatives for survivors of traumatic burn injuries.

Not to mention is has got to have some of the most unique flavor profiles out there.

For being about original flavors and donating to fire burn victims, they really don;t stand out as being terribly unique to other energy shots out there.   Both flavors they sent me came in the standard 2 ounce energy drink shot bottle – the basic 5 Hour Energy shooter – only with a different wrap on it.   The design really not not let me know a whole lot about how this shot was geared to a specific audience or that it did not profit things unless I looked closely.  I think they could have done more design-wise to really sell this drink as both having charitable influences as well as be about having the energy and stamina of a firefighter.

Functionally, it was OK.  5 Alarm is easy enough to read, but rather than list caffeine content they put a big overarching line about the total energy contents – without telling how much caffiene there actually is in a shot.  Also, it would be nice, since they say they donate a proceed of the sale of this shot to a good cause, exactly how much they plan on giving.  Overall it is not a bad shot package, but it really did not impress me much either.

Taste: Peppermint:5  Cinnamon:10
Peppermint:  The peppermint was good – some might even say great – but I had a real problem with taking a big ol’ swig of something that tasted JUST like Scope.  It is just the right amount of sweet and spicy and refreshing – it really is – BUT…  I just couldn’t swallow it.   I have been using mouthwash for years and years and my body just can not swallow the something that tastes like mouthwash.  If you are not a person who uses mouthwash regularly then this might not bother you terribly much and could really enjoy it.  For me, however, I just could not get past the feeling like I was getting drunk on my mouthwash.

The cinnamon was a different story completely.   This was a spicy but not too hot bright tongue tingling sensation that gets even better if you get it icy cold.  I could drink this stuff all day.  I wish this came in a larger size because this is one of the best energy shots I have had the pleasure to try.  If you like the flavor of cinnamon candies or Red Hots, this is right up your alley.  I know it might seem a little off to have a spicy cinnamon energy shot – but this is if not the top flavored energy shot I have tried out of the over one hundred different flavors I have sampled, it is very very close.  It is an absolutely brilliant flavor.

Buzz: 7
5 Alarm could be a bit stronger than it is though. While there is an OK amount of caffiene (I am guessing around 100mg by my feeling of energy and focus) it could certainly be a bit more powerful. Other than the caffeine there is your usual B vitamin overload, some n-acetyl-tyrosine and glucuronolactone.  It definitely gave me a nice boost – but it was a mellow one and left me going for the coffeepot about 2 hours after.

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