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8 Hr Buzz energy shot

I am highly suspect of any energy product listing their hours of energy they are gonig to give you.  At least with ones listing 4 or 5 hours of energy I can sorta buy it, but it is a bit of a stretch, and only a few pills have I ever seen last more than a couple hours.    I figure that by the time a drink takes to work its way from my mouth to the urinal all of the other ingredients have pretty much metabolized.  Eight full hours in a single two ounce is near impossible, as that means not only a good caffeine boost, but  way to sustain that for hours and hours.    Heck, even a pint of Jack Daniels can barely keep an 8 hour buzz.

8Hr Buzz energy shot is the first shot I have seen out of hundreds to really experiment with the standard 2 ounce energy shot and come up with something worthwhile.   8hr Buzz comes in a paper sleeve, reminding me of push pops or those sour cream containers you can sometimes get at fast food places.  The whole pack is paper, lined on the inside with enough plastic to keep everything from leaking.  The rest of the shot is pretty uneventful, but the pouch is enough to at least have me plunk down the three bucks to try it out.

According to the bottom of the pouch, this is called a Xela Pack.  My first thought was that this would be great for people who like shots but hate all that little plastic bottle.  Being a paper product, I thought this would be an excellent candidate for one of the more green companies.  However, it is plastic lined, and there is not one recycle image on the whole pouch, so maybe not.  The top of the pouch has a very hard top that you crack off – and it was fun snapping it right off and sucking the liquid from the hole in top – like a Cari Sun without needing the straw

Other than the cool box, the package is pretty standard.  The slogan and overall layout is nice enough, though nothing surprising.  Rather than list caffeine, they put the whole “as much as a cup of coffee” statement to confuse the drinker as to how much caffeine they just consumed.   I mean, for the name of 8 hour energy, I know I am going to need more than a cup of coffee.  In 8 hours I have been known to drink a vat of coffee – especially to have a buzz for tose full eight hours – which means I might need to suck down 4 or 5 of these to get that effect.

8Hr makes an OK grape flavor, although it is certainly nothing to get excited about.  For the most part, it is a sour splash of liquid for five seconds on the tongue, but it is not like it actually tastes good.  They definitely did not spend their money on the flavor house, working more with adding chemicals that making something palatable.  It would have been cool if this tasted like the Capri Sun it reminded me of, but it was far too medicinal for that.

Not even close to the promised 8 hours.   Try about an hour and a half of feeling very caffeinated, a couple hours of a decent amount of energy, and then back to the coffee three hours later.  I don’t really mind the caffeine, but it is offensive that they just stuck a big number of how much energy you get and not be able to back that up.

I did like the energy shot all around  – it was a nice blast of caffeine, and the taste was OK enough to make it worthwhile.  I would definitely pocket a couple of these the next time I was hitting the road.  While they are not the most powerful shots around, they are pretty handy to just drop in your pocket and go.

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