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Allday Energy

Even harder than breaking into the dominated Big 3 Energy drink market is the total complete stranglehold of 5 hour energy shot. Enough so that almost every manufacturer of an energy drink seems to have some version of their drink in a 2 ounce bottle to try to eat away at the popularity of 5 Hour, unable to resist the lure of the multi-million dollar market.

Allday energy, by Sky nutrition is trying real hard to do everything that 5 hour does well, while improving enough to stand out from the horde of shots littering convenience store shelves. Unfortunately, I can’t really seem to find what would make a person switch from their usual shot to this one – even if the buzz is slightly stronger. It has no cache to buy into, like Monster Hitman, no loyal following like Red Bull and no massive ad buget like 5 hour.

IT even looks like 5 hour energy (not enough that they get sued like 6 hour energy did), with their bright orange packaging with black letters. You could say they followed the same thematic elements while changing the particulars. There is a light flame on the background, but the text is very readable on the blastic wrap 90% of these types of energy shots have. The only negative I found was that they chose not to list the caffeine content, so we are all left guessing what equivalent to coffee means.

The drink comes out a black cherry red, very different than a 5 Hour, however. The flavor was medicinal and laboratory sweet, but was certainly not an entirely unpleasant thing. This tasted slightly better than many others in the market, but it was not anything one would drink if the buzz was not worth it. If I had to pick a flavor for this, I would call it Sucralose Berrry. Energyfiend.com calls this flavor its potency. I would buy that if I have had shots that actually taste GOOD. While on par with the thousand or so shots out in the market, I have certainly tasted better.

Allday Energy kicked in fairly quickly, as I started feling the effects not more than 15 minutes after drinking. I didn’t feel any real jitters or explosive energy, instead it was very gradual, helping me continue working after the post-lunch slump. 5 hour energy affects me for about 2-3 hours, 8 hour energy almost a good four hours, so I was hoping something named All Day might go the distance. Unfortunately, it was just hype – and does notactually last all day. Allday wore off after 4 or so hours, but the wearing off was as gradual as the initial buzz, so I did not have any crash or drowsiness.

The big energy ingredients were Caffeine (equivalent to 2 cups of coffee), B and C vitamins, a little Taurine, Ginseng and Glucuronolactone. There are also the aminos in here, L-Arginine L-Carnitine and Ribose. The buzz in here is very nice, as it is a gradual lift that lasted a good while. This was certainly more energetic than 5 hour – and provided me more nutrients too.
If you are a regular 5 Hour energy shot drinker, I would suggest that you give this a try – it definitely is a step up from the usual.

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