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Apple Slam Headshot energy shot

Headshot Megashots are more than your normal shots. They are bigger, cooler and more badass, fitting better into your teen’s hands than any grown up looking 5 hour energy aid ever could. These Xtreme little bottles are loaded with energy, and the Apple slam tastes more like a candy than anything with nutrients. Sometimes, being juvenile is just more fun

This has a taste of a melted candy a whole lot more than the usual energy shot flavors. This stuff is good, although people looking for something that seems healthy should look elsewhere. This goes directly to the younger crowd, and tastes like it. While grown-ups might like things in their energy shots like antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids – and a taste similar to licking a medicine cabinet, the kids in you would enjoy the sheer gummy sweetness or this – remeniscent of lollipops or green apple jolly ranchers.

a couple things are going very right with this package. I love that they did not go with the standard energy shot package, coming up with something original that stands out on the Walmart shelves. It also uses the grunge and distressed fonts and overall themes very well, coming up with a very distinctive and marketable logo. While not revolutionary in design, it is still very well done.
There are some problems here too. First and foremost, the website is nowhere on the package – which is a little wierd. No caffeine content listing either – just a warning that this product contains a high dosage. Also, while I love imported energy stuff, I am not sure a big stamp advertising this product is made in Thailand, and just imported into the US needs to be there – or at least so prominent.

This is a interesting shot – going for a more calorie laden kick, using sugar rather than the usual energy shot using Aspartame, sucralose or what have you. The ingredients list is exactly what you would expect from a drink like this – no frills energy – with the B Vitamins, inositol, taurine, and caffeine from 2 different sources. This has both anhydrous caffeine and guarana in here, so your caffeine fix is more spread out over a longer time period. No telling how much caffeine is inside this 90 calorie bottle, but Ill bet it is a very serious amount. From the energy this gave out, my guess would be at least 150mg, although probably more than that.

UPDATE: according to Avery, the fantastic reviewer at Addicted2Energy, this drink has only 85mg of caffeine , which makes my buzz that much more impressive. All that energy from just 85mg? How cool is that!?

Website:headshotenergyshot.com 6
Overall the design is nice, but the code is very strange. Is there any reason to slow the site down by having the css in the page AND calling an external css too? and who is Gfunk – and why are they in your page? I like the overall design, but is very very light on any copy. Their shopping cart also looks nothing at all like your drink site – which is a little disconcerting. FOr a 3 day quickie, this site is fine – but I sure hope no real time and affot went into this thing…

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