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Arizona Rescue Water

Arizona is out with their latest foray into functional beverages. These enhanced waters are supposed to nourish and replenish, as well as energize. With their blend of Green Tea, Guarana and a small listed bit of caffeine, this drink hides the fact that there is a decent energy-drink-sized boost in here, complete with Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex. This drink line is fueled by their partnership with Twinlab, the leader in scientific supplements. Twinlab helped create a drink that would increase the rate of fluid replacement in active people and help balance nutrient absorption into the body.

Like most enhanced waters, this is really easy to get down.Arizona Rescue Water is especially light and airy, with no carbonation to slow a dehydrated athlete from guzzling the entire bottle in one go. I am sure there are some that might be able to sip on this drink, but by and large this is going to be gone in under a minute of opening. The lemon and lime flavor in here does not taste real, but that does not matter. It still tastes delicious enough for the short time it is going to be on your tongue.

Like so many other enhanced waters, it comes in a PET bottle, though this one is slightly larger at around 20.5 ounces. Sure, it is a nice bottle and designed well, but that s not what makes this particular drink package interesting. The bottle is made with a brand new technology made by Constar and feature new DiamondClear oxygen scavenging technology. This technology protects the product within from oxygen, which can degrade the quality of the beverage and impair the nutrients inside.

OK, Really, this means nothing to the actual drink itself. I mean, how ravaged is the caffeine from getting from the distributor, to the pallets, to a fridge to your house? I really doubt that there is much atmospheric particles which, when not having an open bottle lying around in the heat, are causing it to degrade my guarana. But that does not really matter. What this does is reinforce the fact that Twinlab has a hand in the creation of this drink, and so you get the impression AriZona is going out of their way to protect the special nutrients in here. Even though it is the same stuff found in numerous energy drinks, shots and functional drinks, this adds some impression that this is more medicinal and special than Snapple, Function Water, Hydrive or Vitamin Water.

The layout is OK, although a bit hard to read. It is very clean and pretty, losing the usual AriZona branding and urban look. The type is fine, but I would boost up that contrast between all the grays. My only real problem is, I wish they labeled the caffeine in here. By stating this only has 14 grams of natural caffeine, and not listing the caffeine from guarana and other ingredients, it fools people into thinking there is less caffeine in here than there really is. Shenanigans with packaging is one thing, but an inaccurate listing of caffeine is not alright.

The buzz from this is nice, but the addition of Twinlab’s resources make this a cool, clear and completely refreshing drink. This has about 97mg of caffeine in the 20 ounce bottle, which sets this just a tad higher than my Diet Mountain Dew standard for review ( All energy products on this site must have more caffeine than a Diet Mountain Dew). The thing is though, the chances of stopping at the suggested eight ounces are impossible. The flavor and complete drinkability helps slide all 20 ounces into you in mere seconds. All this with just 67 calories in the whole bottle, using a Reb A, a natural sweetener that comes from Stevia plants.

I went from a slug recovering with my feet up on the couch to bouncing around with my kids screaming out Jane’s Addiction on Rock Band 2 in about 15 minutes. I was completely replenished with plenty of energy to spare. The guarana and other naturally based caffeine helped perk me up and get me more alert, the potassium and vitamins got me on my feet and nourished me.

When I just drank rescue water for the energy on a normal day, the drink was OK. It gave an energy boost for about 2-3 hours, and was still really easy to drink, but Rescue Water really shines when you have a need to recover. Until Hydrive moves distribution to my area of the country, I know I am never doing lawn work without it.

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