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Ass Lightning Energy Shot

I double dog dare another energy shot company to top “Ass Lightning Energy shot.” No – it has nothing to do with enemas or suppositories. It does not power-clean your colon, force bolts of anything to come out of your sphincter, or really have much at all to do with your ass, other than try to kick it into high gear.

This product is the brainchild of Brutal Alchemy, knowing for being very serious in the world of Bodybuilding. It is owned and run by professional bodybuilders, and their product seem to reflect that. Even their logo is a muscle fueled Conan-esque warrior. Really, I am surprised I liked this shot aqs much as I did. For sucha gimicky name and such a specific niche audience, I expected Ass Lightning to be either full of crazy weight lifting specific chemicals or a 5 hour energy knockoff with a silly label. Turns out I could not be more wrong.

I think there is a lot of Secret Formulas in the world of body building. While there is tons of talk about Nitrous, creating, glutamine, and dozens of chemicals I have never heard of before, there is just as many “proprietary blends,” full of sneaky things designed to keep the competition guessing.
While that might be all well and good in that universe, It just does not fly here. They hide their caffeine content, and print the label with the tiniest type I have ever seen! I actually used a magnifying glass to read the ingredients and warnings, hoping for some caffeine information. Rather than hide the ingredients in here, they should be celebrating them.
My other issue is that the whole reason to get this shot is because of the name. “ass Lightning” is one of the most unique energy shots out there, and so the name should be what stand out. Unfortunately the tear line on the plastic wrap rips off the top half of all the letters, leaving only a half ASSed lightning. If only they moved their type down about an inch, this would go a long way.

This is where things get fun. After checking out the less than stellar packaging, I was ready to taste a medicinal Five Hour clone. Much to my surprise, this was a delicious berry shot, not at all harsh or medicinal. I could have drunk this in a much bigger bottle. It is a fake berry flavor, but there is just the right amount of non-nutritive sweetener to make things happy without getting bitter.

I was waiting for the over-the-top workout buzz from this – and looking forward to it too. Insomnia had been plaguing me, and I got 3 hours sleep for the last 3 nights. I needed to be awake that day, and not slogging around without a brain. I was hoping Ass Lightning would give me the needed kick to get me in gear.  In terms of the undisclosed ingredients, what I could make out from the package is it containing Vitamin B complex, Folic Acid, Taurine, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Phenylalanine and glucurolactone.

I was again surprised as the next 20 minutes built to a very nice sustained energy boost. My head cleared and my mind regained what little clarity I possess to get my work I needed done. This sustained energy and focus lasted a good 5 hours before tapering off . Sure, I needed a nap after coming down from this, but I think I just needed a nap anyways. I am not sure of this being an insane powerhouse in the gym, but it might wake you up enough to at least get you there in time.

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