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Athletes Honey Milk Light Coffee

One of my favorite things to do in the gym is to work my muscles to the point that making it to the car afterwards is a near impossible task.  It feels masochistically good to work my body to the point of complete fatigue – even though you might be in pain you know it is good for you

Honey Milk’s coffee flavor tries to help a person recover in those moments  and get you on your way faster and easier with a good dose of potassium and our beloved friend caffeine to assist in recovery after a hard muscle – centered workout. 

The bottle of Honey Milk is a contradiction.  file I love it that they list the caffeine content in their bottle, it also lists itself as a light drink when it very obviously is not ( it says this has 90 less calories than the original formula – but that does not quite count as a light formula).   It comes in a cool grippy bottle, but in their effort to make the drink tamper proof, they made the thing inaccessible unless you open it before or after your workout.  During your workout, trying to peel off their safety  wrap cap and seal is frustrating.   Much of the bottle’s text and instructions are nice and not demeaning, but then they say that this works as a meal replacement too – which unless you eat a lunch like a sparrow you are going to have a hard time skipping a meal for jut this intend.

Honey Milk is far to easy to slug in to your system in one go, and in this case it is a very good thing.  Drinking a Coffee Honey Milk is like eating raw oysters.   The longer you spend with this hanging around in your mouth the worse the whole experience is.  Just let it slide down your throat in all of its creaminess, or you will be in for trouble.  When it really hits the taste buds, things go bad – you can taste the bitterness and chalkiness of the liquid, and what you thought was a yummy  treat turns sour.

But, if you slam this down in one go, it is quite yummy, especially ice cold.  It is a very easy thing to slug down too, the creamy smooth texture just seems to slide down your throat.  The aftertaste is not bad either, although a bit of that chalkiness shows its head.

Right on the front of the package this has a big blue “LIGHT” under the name, so one would think this was actually a light drink.   Now when I think of light drinks, I normally think of very few calories – as opposed to the weight of the actual drink.   In this case I am not so sure, as it has 150 calories in the 11 ounce bottle, which has me wondering how many calories the not-light version is up to.  Does that one use heavy cream in it opposed to the Light version’s low fat?  Do they skimp on the honey? 

They certainly do not skimp on the sweeteners in general though.  There is the aforementioned honey, cane sugar, sucralose and Ace K all in here, somehow balancing themselves out and not becoming an over sweet mess.  They then add enough good stuff along with the preservatives for a nice workout blend.  I do have to mention in this case that I think the preservatives are a very good idea, as I got hold of my latest batch in the discount bin of the supermarket when they were close to expiration  and un-refreigerated.   I bought a couple dozen and over two months past the due date they still taste as fresh as the first one I had months ago.

In terms of  a muscle workout drink, these rock.  Even as a cardio recovery drink this has all the stuff you are looking for, if you don’t mind those calories.  There is the advertised 20 grams of protein in here, along with a big blast of potassium to help you recover from lost electrolytes.  There is some Vitamin A, Calcium and Vitamin D too, but more important to me it the caffeine – 150mg worth.  Caffeine is great in the gym, either for helping give you that extra push or keeping you from dying at the end of a particularly hard workout, and the caffeine content in here is absolutely perfect! There is not such a big boost that you are going to be left jittery or bouncy, but enough to push that extra bit of turbo into your step.  All the times I have tried this with a workout I have been impressed with the results.  

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