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Avitae Caffeinated Water

I have had caffeinated water before – twice, actually. Both times it was pretty gimmicky, as they had spring water to hide caffeine’s usual bitterness, or also included taurine and other ingredients. Fyxx tasted great – but it tasted, something most waters don’t do.
I was sent this bottle of Avitea water out of Ohio, I was a little skeptical. Caffeinated water is one of these things where the idea has been around for years, but no one seems to get the formula right.Well, this is the formula.
I have been waiting for Avitae for years – ever since Water Joe went regional and is gone from my grocery store shelves. Avitea look great and tastes like nothing – which is a very good thing. On top of that, the caffeine content is a very liveable 45mg, the same as a Diet Coke. This just means you can drink 2 of these instead of a coffee, and get hydrated in the process. The CEO made it clear why he decided on caffeinated water:
“When I was in school, I used to throw caffeine pills in Gatorade. I wasn’t a big pop fan. I wasn’t a huge coffee guy either. Occasionally, I would need a little bit of caffeine. When I graduated and started putting on weight like it was my job, I started doing it with water. It was sick. It was like putting an aspirin in water. Because I worked in marketing, I started thinking that if you could come up with a way to do this that didn’t taste, there’d probably be a lot of people who would rather drink something healthier than their diet-whatever. Everybody always said, ‘No, no, no. You can’t do it.’ But there weren’t any good reasons why.”
I have heard lots of those reasons myself, from water going too hard to a settling process and a whole bunch of what sounded like excuses. One taste of this stuff proves them all wrong. it IS possible to make a caffeinated water that tastes like, nothing but wet.
While not sold everywhere, a case of 16 is found online at amazon.com for around 25 bucks.

Tastes like nothing – just like it should.

Water. 45mg of caffeine from the coffee bean. Want a big buzz, start guzzling!

This is one of those things it is so hard to get right. Water has to be appealing to the crowd who buys bottled water, but also has to be appealing to those people who need a little caffeine boost. Avitae look like it is going in the right directgion, using their own unique bottle design, and going for a very modern look, while still making it very accesible and light. I think they hit the nail on the head with this one – and should have no problem getting this product national.

Website:9 http://www.avitae45.com
For being a small company, they did a great job with their site – designing something unique and very fun too. After all, not many websites feature such a cool typographic animation as this one:

This website was fun to explore, had great info and was very well built behind the hood too (I guess I can forgive the use of old school tables if it works this well….) by what looks to be an in-house team.
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