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B Skinny Boresha Thermogenic Fat-Burning Coffee

I was recently contacted by an MLM reseller who wanted me to try their coffee for the PBC.  I really enjoy coffee, and I have had some great mlm products in the past. But, as an MLM business product, I was already a bit skeptical – as any coffee business wanting you to start selling any products to your family and friends better have the best coffee in the universe.    This was not just ordinary coffee, but coffee that is supposed to burn fat through thermogenics and get a person skinny! The very nice reseller said he would send off a sample packet that 4-6 people can enjoy. A few days later, I get just one small package in the mail – enough for two 12 ounce cups of coffee. Now I gotta say, I am not a greedy man. It is not like I have room enough to hoard in my house – but it is pretty hard to give accurate results on some of these products if I only get one try – and the package makes some outrageous claims.

If you would like to try Boresha’s skinny coffee out yourself, you can buy it from him at www.igetpaidtodrinkcoffee.com/jmn494. Get out sticker-shock face warmed up though, as a 1 pot a day 30 day supply will set you back 105 bucks! That’s equivalent to buying a 3.60 drink every day of the week for a month. Depending on where you live, this is as much as getting a Venti Cafe Mocha every day.  Even if you bought the fanciest coffee beans at Whole Foods, you would be paying half what they are charging for a month’s worth of coffee.

B Skinny Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee makes some VERY strong statements. The biggest one is that they found out that normal coffee is unhealthy and makes a person fat. While regular coffee is low-glycemic and low calorie by itself, there is stuff in coffee that makes you crave donuts and unhealthy food with it. On top of that, they claim regular coffee makes a person stressed out, increases their fat stores and might give them cancer too.

Not their special coffee though. They mucked with their ground coffee beans and made it completely different. This is no longer regular coffee, but special coffee that increases your metabolism. They say it will make your fat cells smaller (do fat cells come in sizes?) and make them easier to break down. They claim you will burn fat just be drinking it, and will suppress your appetite. The makers claim that their coffee burns fat up to 800% faster than jogging 2 miles! Since I burn about 450 calories running 2 miles, that means I will have lost 3,600 calories from drinking one cup of coffee!!

I am just used to my coffee containing one ingredient. COFFEE. sometimes I get a little crazy, and the ingredient list might grow to coffee, milk and sugar. But B Skinny is much much more than that. Boresha’s blend starts off with coffee, and then they add a fruit juice concentrate, kiwi fruit extract and kiwi flavor, powdered acai fruit, other flavors and silicon dioxide. On top of that, there is an actual energy complex, including 120mg of caffeine, chromium and a bunch of vitamin C.

Besides being a good vitamin, Vit. C is supposed to help you absorb more of the chromium. Now what is with the chromium? Chromium helps insulin bring glucose from the blood into the cells for energy. You can find chromium in all sorts of foods, like whole grain breads and cereals, lean meats and cheese. Most of the world never will have to worry about being chromium deficient. Even though there are conflicting studies as to whether or not they work, some people are now using chromium for weight loss products and to control high cholesterol. Some say it works, some say it does nothing.

The package itself did not lend itself to the gourmet coffee drinker.  The foil pouch looked very plain – and the logo made this look more like it came from Cysco or Aramark more than a private estate. If they are trying to go for the pricey gourmet coffee clique, they should really look at comparable packages from places like Godiva and Gevalia. If I am paying double what any other mail order coffee house would charge for coffee – it better look pricey.  This design looks like something left over in a break room, not a super premium coffee blend.  While I appreciate the caffeine listing, having a proprietary energy blend inside a coffee can be confusing.

I made this according to directions on the package. I made 2 12 ounce cups with  the one bag, and my wife and I went out the door. My wife had a little milk in hers, while I had it black. It seems that on their own private Estate, they grow Certified Organic, Fair Trade, shade grown 100% AA Arabica coffee beans. It must have been all the grinding, roasting and infusing with chromium or packaging that made this taste like garbage then. I LOVE fair trade organic shade grown arabica dark roast coffee. Ethiopian bend coffees are usually amazing! When I go for coffee, that is what I drink, although I prefer lighter roasts for the most part. Either way, I am very familiar with how good coffee should taste – and it is not close to this. This coffee is more flat and acrid, and the bitter coffee notes are way too forward, leaving a bland mouth feel, and a burned (not burnt) aftertaste. I saw them saying their Estate coffee was supposed to very mild and not bitter at all, but on both these cups, my wife and I compared this coffee to something you would find churning on a hot plate at a gas station.  Really, it tasted like they just cooked all the coffee flavor out of this batch.  While their regular coffee looks like it might be tasty, Something seems to have gone wrong here.

Just to be sure,when I got to the office I poured a small bit into a cup, and then poured a local coffee house’s ethiopian dark roast coffee in a second and the office crap coffee in a third cup. I gave a few of my coffee drinking co-corkers sips, and B-Skinny coffee was always either last, or second last to the work coffee. If you are a Coffee Connoisseur, you WILL taste the difference and not be pleased.

In terms of buzz, I really just had 12 ounces to test out, so I have no idea if this is normally the result. I drank my coffee, then was hungry and ate an egg burrito. I felt no desire at all to skip breakfast. I also felt no thermogenic effect – and I know thermogenics. Usually, when my body heats up to burn fat, I get very hot and a little sweaty, followed by feeling slight shivers. Nothing here. I certainly did not feel like I just burned through 144 pounds of body fat. You would think I would have noticed. What I did feel was very awake though – more than I might have with normal arabica coffee. The label says there is 120mg of caffeine in here – but I don’t know if that is added caffeine, or including the caffeine in the coffee. But, it did get me pretty wired up!  I felt much more alive than I would with 12 ounces of normal coffee – which was certainly welcome.

Whether or not it burned calories, I can’t tell you. I felt the same at lunchtime after having drank it in the morning. I can tell you that as a coffee goes, it will definitely get you up and moving, even if you are going to need enough cream and sugar to be able to drink it down. 

Packaging: 3     Taste:4      Buzz:8

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