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Battery Hydro Energy Drink

One of my favorite energy drink companies in the entire world is Battery Energy, and they know it.  I am in love with the drinks, I am in love with the company, I am in love with their image – they can do little wrong in my eyes.  It does not hurt that they spent over a year trying to finagle customs enough to send me a box of all their stuff, straight from their headquarters in Finland.  But even through the sappiness that is bound to follow – there is a reason I love them – it is because they belong to a handful of energy drink companies who really get it – their fans – their product and what it is they do.  Sometimes when there is a perfectly handcrafted set of products, these should be honored accordingly.  I mean – they are the official sponsor of finnish metal bad Nightwish – who is also been around for 15 epic years.

The first of their newest products I am trying is their new energy + hydration drink, Hydro Battery.  This is supposed to be used in the gym, to help with getting your body moving enough to go to the gym, stamina to make it through the workout and then recover when you are done.  All this in a 13.5ounce bottle.

Of course the biggest bummer here is that they had to give up on their battery-style packaging.  It just is not right to e carrying around a workout drink in an aluminum can, so it makes sense that they moved to a water-bottle-shaped holder – although it is still sad.  They did their best to dress it up though, having it be in a thick opaque black, rather than the usual colored translucent these usually come in.

Of course being directly from their headquarters means there is all sorts of fun writing on the package too! There is writing in 3 languages – none of them english.  At least I think there are 3.    MY favorite is the circle telling you that Pantti Panting this will save you 0,20 monetary units.  I have no idea what that monetary unit is, or why it relates to something that sounds like college freshmen to to girls dorms as a prank.  Unfortunately, it looks like it is just telling you to recycle, which is a letdown.  It does, however, list caffeine content as well as all the other stuff – which I really do appreciate.

Battery comes out a caramel color brown – which was expected, although a bit plain.  The odor of the liquid was nice enough – smelling of a tart Red Bull.  The bigger question is if it could be taken while running on the treadmill, as most sports drinks turn out to be too glacky and ticky for really using at the gym.

Hydro isn’t as lemony as their original flavor – but is still quite tart and refreshing.  It reminds me most of a carbonated lemonhead, only the light carbonation helps get this down quicker. I easily sucked down the bottle – which was sad, in a way.  I wish this came in a bigger container – just so I could enjoy more of it.

Battery Hydro combines three functionalities in one product: energy, hydration and recovery.  On the energy end this has a bunch of B and C vitamins and caffeine.  Now they list this as having 32mg of caffeine per 100ml, and this is a 13.5 ounce container.  Seeing that there are 3.38 ounces to 100ml, that means there is around 130mg of caffeine in this bottle, which is not too shabby.  It is enough to help make you get to the gym if you are needing that extra push – and not so much that you are left jittering around the gym.  Although this does not work as just a plain energy drink terribly well, for what it’s function is, this gets the job done.

It also gets the job done on the hydration front too.  I got to try two bottles of this out – and found that the recovery portion of this drink works like a dream.  The magnesium in Battery Hydro is what helps to recover from workouts faster – and it really works like a dream.  There is enough to completely rehydrate me after a good solid run.  I had the other bottle during a big bout of sickness, when the only thing that sounds good is soup and gatorade.  This stuff got me moving better than it really should have – as I spent the morning running errands and cleaning the house rather than napping and resting.  It just made me feel normal again.

I love that Battery has stepped up to the plate with a workout drink – and something very worthy as well.  Forget Angry Birds, Finland should find a way to have this drink be the hit social export for their country.

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