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Bawls Cherry energy soda

Bawls is one of those awesome products from the start of the energy drink craze, and their classic blue nubbin covered bottles have been a staple in the energy drink shelves.  Every once in a while Bawls come out with interesting versions of their brand, like Bawls mints, SNObawls and G33k Beer.  It is  an odd choice they came out with this Cherry flavor, as in terms of their usual originality, this seems pretty tame in flavor and energy ingredients, as well as plain packaging.

It is important to remember that this is a guarana flavored soda, much like Brazil’s Guarana Antarctica  or Schin Guarana. This is not an energy drink in the strict sense, as it does not have the same caffeine as a regular energy drink, nor does it contain all the normal things energy drinks have like taurine and such.

According to Wikipedia, the drink was supposed to come in red glass, but it was to expensive, so they went for this can instead.   While I like their idea, that the little dots change color as the temperature changes, the effect is so subtle that it is pretty underwhelming.   Good idea – but it only takes a couple minutes at most to finish an energy drink, so the gimmick does not really work.

I have seen this for sale in clear 10 ounce bottles, which at least comes in their cool grippy dot filled glass.  I really like the original bumpy design, as it is unique enough to really stand out from the other drinks, and gave them a very distinctive place in the marketplace.  Unfortunately, the kind that I find in Rocket Fizz and Target is the plain-ol’ 16 ounce cans.

On top of this, they do not list the nutrition and ingredients in a panel, so there is no way to tell how much caffeine or any other energy drink supplements might be in here.

This is much more soda-like than original bawls, as it seems more heavy and syrupy like a 7-Up or Sprite.  Unlike a cherry 7-Up, this was clear – which I personally like better than if it was fake red colored.  Even through it is not really natural, it gave it a feeling like it was a bit more healthy and natural.

While I liked the original flavor of Bawls, the Mints were tasty (but weak) and their G33k B33r is an uncommonly good Root Beer, this Cherry flavor is one of the best sodas I have had in a very long time.  Unlike any other lemon-lime soda this actually tastes like guarana berries, an it provides the sharpness of the berry while still having a definite citrus edge.  There is a definite creaminess to this too, which really lends itself to the strong cherry flavors.  If there ever was a less calories version of this drink I would be forever hooked.  I have a hard time slugging down all the empty calories of a highly-caloric soda, but the complex yummy flavor is absolutely delicious.

They advertise this on the can as being a High Caffeine Soda, which looking at how caffeinated some drinks are, makes you think this is a great blast of energy.  Unfortunately, it just does not hold up.  There is not that much caffeine in here, more than a Coke, but much less than your average energy drink.  There is only 100mg of caffeine in the full 16 ounce can – about half as much as a similar sized cup of coffee.  You can feel the difference between this and a regular energy drink too, as this gives you more energy from the sugar than the caffeine.  If you are looking to this like you would look to a Monster or Red Bull, you are probably going to be disappointed, as it just does not have enough energy enhancing power in here to do more than a little lift and crash a couple hours later.

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