Posted October 21, 2010 by Big Red Boots in the best of the class

Biofuel XL Caffeinated Popcorn

I have had all sorts of caffeinated food treats, from beef jerky to cookies.  I have had my energy treats sweet, salty crunchy and even covered pickle flavoring.  But rarely have I been able to enjoy a caffeine treat as much as I have fallen in love with Biofuel, a sweet salty crunchy caffeinated kettle popcorn.  I am in love with the buzz, I am in love with the idea, and more important, I am in love with this impossible-to-put-down popcorn treat.

The owners came up with their formula after talking one day about how it would be nice to have something to quickly snack on and allow them to keep up with their kids. After much experimentation and formulas, they created BioFuel, named as a play on words due to Ethanol being corn based and this was something that could fuel people all day long. And what an awesome creation it is!  You can get it from their own site at http://www.biofuelfoods.com, and now from the kingofcaffeine.com site as well!

What can I say?  This is just about the best kettle corn I have had. It is lightly sweetened, but not too much that it is like a Cracker Jack.  Then the salt hits you and the snacking craving gets stronger.  The tang of the crunchy salty sweet really got my mouth going – enough so that I managed to eat the entire bag, all 4.5 servings in One go.  I tried to stop, but found the flavor too good to ignore and just lie around on my office desk.  With two cups of coffee a serving, I really should have savored it and pieced it out.  But it is like eating one chip.
There is no caffeine flavoring at all in here.  According to their literature, the caffeine is combined with the salt crystals.  Either way, it is not powdered or coated, and is not noticeable AT ALL.  There is no bitterness, no harshness, noting but the flavor of awesome popcorn.  Be prepared to finish the bag in one sitting –  the flavor is just too good to stop the munch.
Fr someone who most likely had 800mg of caffeine in a day, I was surprisingly not wired, jittery or caffeine intoxicated!  I felt awake for the entire day FOR SURE, but I was not overloaded on caffeine in the least.  I certainly did feel a fush after the first half hour or so, but the effect was very mild and not overpowering.  After the first hour or so, my body went to work processing the sugars in the popcorn, and kept me full of energy and bouncingly happy for an entire 9 hour workday.  I did not even feel hungry for lunch, and the complex carbohydrates and fiber combination of the Biofuel kept me going all day long.  

This is the one area of Biofuel that really needs some work.  Basically, this is in a cellophane bag with a couple stickers on it.  There is no real packaging or design work down here – and looks pretty homegrown.  There is a freshness sticker on the back and an ingredients listing on front, but there is no mention of how much caffeine there is per serving.  The label is just sorta slapped on, and there is a sticker holding it all closed.  I was hoping for something cool and and professional – like something you would find in the snack Aisle of a supermarket.  Presenting a more professional look would definitely help sell the product better.

While I appreciate an Ultimate Freshness date printed on the bag, I would have much preferred a caffeine listing and maybe a resealable top so I would not feel so compelled to devour it all in one go. 

Big Red Boots