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Black Bear Energy Spray

Black Bear energy spray is hands down the most delicious breath spray I have ever had. There is absolutely no question that it fills my mouth with the lasting flavor of fresh tart blueberry goodness. Unfortunately, that is not all it is supposed to do – Black Bear is supposed to keep you bursting at the seams with energy. Black Bear energy spray is loaded with tons and tons of B12, along with a few other non-caffeinated ingredients that are supposed to perk you up and keep you going.

On this matter, Black Bear is a complete failure. Unless you happen to be suffering from a b12 deficiency, there is nothing in this to really get you through that afternoon slump. It is sad, really, in that this energy spray is so fantastically tasty – but there is just no buzz to be had in this at all.  Strangely, I wish this had a whole lot less B12 in it, as 5 sprays is the limit.  I could easily spray my way through a whole bottle if I was not apprehensive about having a Vitamin B overdose.

Black Bear looks great – and does the best it can with the small space it is given.  In this respect, I like the double wrapper – where you have to peel half of it away to read the ingredients and other nutritional value inside. It is cool, portable, and purple.  My only issue is that they do not say anywhere on here that this is a caffeine-free product, and hide the “energy” part of this product so it is barely seen.  More than anything else, they are advertising this as a b12 supplement, which is good if you happen to be one of the very few ultra rare people with a vitamin B deficiency.  If they don’t want to advertise this as an energy product, get the word energy off the label entirely.  If it is an energy product, the main selling point would be that it is caffeine free.

Either commit to being an energy product or just a Vitamin B supplement, but it does not work to try to be both.

This is where Black Bear shines – like taking little concentrated doses of blueberry goodness that fill every crevice of your mouth.  If I were a blueberry fan, I would have this around just in case I needed my fix, as this really tastes like I just popped a slightly tart natural and sweet blueberry between my teeth, only without fear of making a mess or getting juice squirting at somebody.

There is almost no aftertaste – and it really tastes like freshly plucked blueberry goodness.  The ingredients saw there is also Ginseng and a number of other ingredients, like Xylitol, rosemary extract, molybdenum trace minerals, trehalose (an awesome sweetener rarely used in this country), orange citrus flavor, citric acid and preservatives, but I would never have known any of this without checking the label.

And the amazing taste is also one of the problems, as I want to keep spraying this in my mouth – 5 little sprays just are not enough for all this deliciousness.  Now, Vitamin B12 is very hard to overdose on – which is a good thing when taking Black Bear spray.  5 little spritzes of liquid contain 41,667% of your  daily value of B12.  That is correct – over 41 thousand times the amount your body needs at one time.  Figuring that your body can store Vitamin B12 for years, there can be a whol lot of B12 in your body already.

So what does having a massive dose of B12 in your body do?  The truth is not much.  When you have absorbed all the b12 your body needs, the rest gets excreted.  So basically, probably of the 2.5mg of vitamin b12 that a dose has, my body is going to absorb a super tiny bit and the rest is going to make me have ultra vitamin fortified pee.  Still, just to be on the safe side I am not going to down the bottle -as too much of any good thing is not smart.

Other than the B12, this has a few other ingredients that are supposed to help energize, like ginseng, and strangely molybdenum. Molybdenum is a kind of metal that is very rare although the average human has about 0.07 mg of molybdenum per kilogram of weight from eating seeds, nut, meat or eggs. I am not sure what that is an ingredient in here – because unless you live in some scarce lands in china or Iran you are not going to have a deficiency.  According to their website, this is supposed to help with hangovers, and of course there are the Woo scientists who declare this will cure you from everything from Cancer to flatulence.  I did try this after a hard morning or margarita consumption the night before, and did not feel any less headache- and stomach-churn-y than I did before the spray.

The lack of caffeine and energy is very noticeable – and on the many occasions I have had Black Bear spray, there was not a minuscule amount of energy boost.  Mind you, I love my morning spray of Black Bear  – as my little happy treat to start out my workday – but it is no substitute for a caffeinated drink.

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