Posted December 30, 2009 by Big Red Boots in straight up energy drink

Black Grape Energy

I really enjoy red wine. Not that I am a big wine connoisseur, but I do know my Merlot from my Shiraz. I rarely can drink more than a glass, bringing back bad memories involving too much Maneshewitz. But even one glass, I was told, has some healthy properties. Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes and is a constituent of red wines. Black Grape energy drink is supposedly also filled with that magical substance. This stuff is supposed to lower your blood pressure, increase your energy and reduce the craving for food.

Like many small energy drink businesses, rather than get in stores, they are trying to market their wares through a MLM marketing deal, so when you might start off wanting a couple drinks, you can end up with a hundred dollars, four dozen energy drinks, and a web site to help sell to your friends and family.

I really enjoy that this company went out on a limb to find something unique for their energy drink. Even if there is barely enough reservatrol in here to mean anything (the 20mg of reservatrol does not compare to the amounts found in red wine, and according to wikipedia, 20mg is barely enough to leave trace amounts in your system) it is still nice that they just did not throw in some Acai or Goji and call it good.The only other unique ingredient is L-Leucine, which does not really boost energy, as much as help maintain blood sugar levels and increase growth hormone production. This is a pretty common amino acid to be found in lots of energy shots – but not really in energy drinks.

At least it is all natural, and is not supposed to have any lab chemicals in it. Well, not really. It does say it contains 75mg caffeine and taurine, and unless they managed to get some bile collected from bulls, chances are there are at least a few synthetics in here. But overall, it does not have high fructose anything, and is flavored and colored naturally.

The other good energy boosters are a decent 50 mg of green tea extract and 42 mg of guarana extract. That, plus the caffeine gives a pretty decent lift. Overall, the little can is about as powerful as a cup of cofee. I emptied two of these in a morning meeting, and it really perked me up for a solid 4 hours. Just one can does not really have enough to do more than stave of the afternoon drowsiness a bit, but for that nice caffeinated alertness, two seemed to do the trick.

If they took Concord Grape Wine, that really sweet stuf sold cheaply next to the MD20/20 and kosher wines, and removed all the alcohol, you could have the flavor of Black Grape. More than just a standard grape juice, you could actually tell that the grapes were concords, as well as other super sweet – jelly grapes. This was much more than your ordinary grape soda, but more like a really delicious carbonated grape juice. I could easily drink down two of these, as he slightly art flavor did not overwhelm my palate, instead left it with a slightly sweet aftertase. If you were to end up drinking hundreds of these things, you could do a whole lot worse.

I like how hey went clean and sophisticated for their design of this drink. Rather than hi a specific market, they used a much darker and richer color scheme so to attract older and more expensive clientele. It works well too. For being a smaller 8 ounce can, they did just about everything right. The printing was top notch, and very classy. The fonts are all clean and chosen well. They list the caffeine, as well as all the stuff this can do for you concisely and without cluttering up the design. They even put the lid on right! When you drink Black Grape, the cool logo faces outward for the world to see what you are drinking down – as it should be. While not breaking any boundaries, this is about as good as it gets.

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