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Blitz Energy Mints

Blitz energy mints are going to have a hard time surviving long term as a caffeinated treat. They aren’t bad, necessarily, but they do have their issues. The packaging, the caffeine , the flavor – nothing about them really stands out from the pack. Of course, this is by the same people who created Blitz energy gum. While that had at least a little panache, These big TUMS-sized chunks of mint do not seem to have the same care for flavor as the gum did.

Still, A big thanks goes out to Kingofcaffeine.com for getting me these samples as well as the much tastier Blitz Gum.

This is in EXACTLY the same packaging as the gum. It is pretty cool – in a design scheme of a 50s diner. The whole package is in a bright shiny aluminum, looking like the outside of an old diner. This is helped by the font choice of the logo, straight out of a 1950s scene. The blister pack is normal, and they helpfully list the caffeine on back as well.

Taste: Spearmint:2 Cinnamon:5 Peppermint:7
Like the gum, it comes in 3 flavors – a peppermint, a spearmint and a cinnamon. After popping open the big mint from the blister pack and tossing it in your mouth, you are left with a confusion. Do you suck on this like a hard candy? It is really hard – and many people I gave samples to did just that. But it is too chalky for just sucking on – and the texture is all wrong for a sucking candy.

So then you chomp down, breaking it up into powdery bits – but then the flavor is so overpowering! If these were half the size, this would not even be an issue, but they are just too big for being a mint.

As for the flavors, some work a whole lot better than others. The peppermint is by far the strongest, filled with a menthol that clears the sinuses more that freshen the breath. I would definitely use this as a caffeinated cough drop before picking up a Sucrets or Ricola. I like the flavor of it though, and you can not taste the caffeine even a little. If you were to grab a Blitz Mint – I would definitely go for the peppermint.

This is opposed to the spearmint, which was just a bad idea to begin with. I could not even finish a piece, as it tasted sour and too herbal, like chewing on a minty teabag. I have tried on 2 different occasions, and I just can not make it through one of these pieces. I can suck about halfway, then it gets spit out into the closest receptacle. Unlike the Spearmint gum they have, this one is a fail.

The cinnamon was the most easy to deal with – and the closest to candy. It really does not do much for your breath, and is not nearly as strong as the other two flavors. Unfortunately, this lack of strength also meant that the bitterness of the caffeine, along with the other energy ingredients was their in the back of my throat.

I expect my caffeinated mints to be full of power, now that there are the likes of Foosh mints and other powerhouses. If you are going to be big, you should pack a big punch. Unfortunately, that punch is just not in here.
Now there is 55mg of caffeine, but that means you are going to need to chomp down on at least two of these to feel anything. and seeing how these things taste, it is not like these things are like popping a Vojo or Warp mint in your mouth – they require some dedication.

Of course, if you do manage to make it thorough 2 or 3 of these, you will feel this much faster, as it is absorbed sub-lingually, rather than having to be digested ( your mouth absorbs caffeine into your bloodstream much faster than your stomach). They advertise the buzz hitting you in about 10 minutes, but I felt it much faster. You also have your taurine, green tea, and B-vitamin complex, helping things along.

In terms of health, they have three kinds of sweeteners in here, sorbitol, Ace – K and the dreaded Aspartame. The flavorings in here are all under the umbrella “Natural and Artificial Flavorings” so who knows if there is any real cinnamon, peppermint or other real flavorings in here either.

Though this is the same buzz as the Gum, this gets a lower score just because it is so much harder to have more than 1 of these in one sitting.

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