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Catuma Sparkling Passion energy wine

I am not a connoisseur of wine, not yet.  Really, I never hope to be.  I became a  of Vodka, Gin, Scotches and Beer, and now I can not enjoy a shot of Johnny walker red or a mixed drink with anything under 10 bucks.  I would rather drink warm tap water than have to chock down a Bud, Miller or Coors (or god forbid Keystone or Busch).  However, even through all my years working as a waiter I have no appreciation for good wine.  I can tell you why you are supposed so pair your duck with an older Burgundy, and your Pasta with Chianti, but I could not tell you the difference in champagnes if the cork hit me in face –  and I like it that way.

This becomes most apparent near New years, when my choice of champagne is done purely by cost.  I know a Champagne flavor from Cold Duck variety – and I prefer the Cold Duck.

So it is with this knowledge I am able to try a most amazing wine – Catuma Sparkling Passion energy wine.  This is a delicious sweet Riesling based wine is out of south Germany, near Bavaria.  None of that means anything to me ( I have yet to taste a difference in wine from regions, no matter how much I sniff, spit or swallow) except it is wonderful to know that this is actually wine, opposed to the many alcoholic energy drinks I have had in the past that taste like straight alcohol and Kool Aid.

Catuma is very intercontinental.  This is mostly sold in Asia, as my samples were very graciously sent from Hong Kong.  The wine itself is German, but the energy ingredients are all from the Rainforest.  They even donate a portion of their profit to helping rainforest initiatives. You might have a hard time finding this in the United States, but I am sure it will be taking over all of Europe and Asia very soon.

From the outset one thing is abundantly clear – this is a party wine, not something to be opened and served with your Foie Gras.  The bottle opens like a champagne bottle, complete with a pop off top that bursts with pressure.  The label has this woman who is is in a most uncomfortable pose – but covered in cool looking flowers.  This radiates exotic fun.  The bottle advertises all the extra fun stuff it adds, like Guarana, Ginseng, Catuaba and Muira Puama.  There is even an ingredients listing on back, although there is no mention of how much caffeine is in here.

For having all those minerals in here, this tastes pretty great.  Yes, it is a little sweet, but they use Fructose, not Sucrose.  This means there is less actual sugar in here because Fructose is much sweeter than sucrose.  While I would not say one kind of sugar is more preferable than the other, Catuma insists that the change in sugar means less hangover. The wine was very very easy to drink, having a flowery easy to drink flavor, reminding me of green apples and roses. Catuma was very light and bubbly, and found it was so easy to drink it was a little scary.

I certainly appreciate all the different minerals and nutrients they put into their wine. On top of the 10% alcohol, They add guarana and Ginseng to keep up energy.  Catuaba is sold as an aphrodisiac and remedy for erectile dysfunction. Muira puama, or “potency wood” as it is called in the amazon rainforest,is also used as a sex booster. Overall, I can not think of anything more awesome to add to wine than a sex booster and energizer! Unfortunately, it is pretty weak in all of those ingredients. My wife and I enjoyed drinking a couple bottles one afternoon, and certainly felt more awake and happy. However, there was no real buzz in here, and I certainly did not feel sexually charged either. I just ended feeling mildly more energetic than beforeI drank. What I would LOVE is to see them kick things up a notch. Double everything in here and really make some powerful potion. I know there is the flavor to consider, but the idea of creating a wine that perks you up and “perks” you up is a winning idea. Still, if you were able to find this in a store near you, I would definitely pick up a couple bottles and try it out yourself.


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