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Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee

I have managed to find myself another addiction, and this one ain’t cheap.  I find myself buying big bottles of Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee whenever I get near anything looking like a health food store. For those who have never tried cold-brewed coffee, it is worth the long wait. This is not just another method to make your daily brew, but one that produces a completely different kind of coffee, one that is insanely strong and has no acidity. It takes 16 hours to make this kind of coffee for Chameleon, letting the water steep in these grounds until forever.

Right now, if you are lucky enough to live in the right areas of the country, you can find Chameleon in Whole Foods Market, Central Market, Wheatsville Coop and Fresh Plus Market – crunchy granola places like that. I found my first fix at a Vitamin Cottage, and have been hiting the Whole Foods for my fix thereafter.

Chameleon coffee as a brand at first did not make a whole lot of sense to me, but the more I started playing with it that more I grew to love it. I tried the coffee with chocolate milk with lunch and in cola and Rum in the evening. It tasted awesome in my gym protein drink, and just as tasty when I needed that little kick to my Barbecue Sauce. It is just as good poured into a cup with hot water, turning it from Coffeezilla powered coffee-concentrate into a normal cup of delicious acid free hot coffee. It really stands up to just about anything you throw at it.

One of the things that I really liked about this bottle is that it stands up well to all sorts of usual scenarios. I had this in a bucket of ice, and the label did not peel or get ick in any way.The whole package has a very local handcrafted feel, which I thought worked very well for the product they are selling.  The whole thing is put together nicely, laying out the caffeine content as well as explaining the drink, its process and some of its uses.  Altogether it is a lovely bottle.

I love the ingredients list for Chameleon – Filtered water, and 100 percent Fair Trade Certified Organic Coffee. Thats it. That means the expiration date in here actually means something, although getting a bottle to make it close to the expiration date without finishing it off is nearly impossible.  You can really taste the difference in this coffee flavor from any other regular brewed coffee.

The coffee that is used is very sweet in itself, with notes of chocolate and caramel.  I would have enjoyed a touch more of spice, but that might be down the road – as they labeled this one “original coffee” and there might be more flavors acomin’.  The aftertaste is just as sweet and lingering, even if diluted with a whole lot of water.  This makes it very versatile  working great in all sorts or recipes, or just on on the go out of the bottle too.

 You must remember the caffeine content in here, as the uninitiated can easily over-caffeinated themselves and be left a giggling jittery mess on the ceiling. One 16 ounce bottle contains FOUR servings – and they are not exaggerating. All you need is just four small ounces to get a good 270mg of caffeine coursing through your bloodstream.

The thing that makes Chameleon dangerous is that it is far too easy to just swig out of the bottle, as I have done many, many times. Because of the brewing process, Chameleon does not taste at all harsh or bitter, and it is just delicious to take sips of throughout the morning. I have to be careful, as I have finished off a bottle in a day, just not thinking and sipping it all until empty.

Smooth, delicious, beautiful and potent as hell – what more could you want out of your coffee!

Big Red Boots