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Madrinas Coffee drink




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Posted April 23, 2016 by

The first time I tried Madrinas coffee drink I had some real issues.  One of the biggest ones is that they did not really take themselves or their drink very seriously, hoping their branding would pay off into RTD coffee drink sales without putting much effort into it.
However, the newest incarnation of Madrinas is a smooth natural coffee filled with delicious creamy flavor and a brand that is much easier to get behind. If you are looking to go for a brand of coffee flavored energy with some real flavor and a decent amount of energy, this is a smart choice.  I had a chance to talk with the new team at Madrinas, and they have really devoted quite a lot of time and energy into their latest offerings, and they get it – The way to make a great ready-to-drink coffee is to provide the consumer with something that looks great, tastes delicious and provides a bit of power.  For a can of convenience-store based coffee drinks, I would choose this over the usual canned Starbucks/Monster/Seattle’s Best humdrum stuff variety any day.
The new Madrinas has accelerated their packaging to a point where this is something I am looking forward to seeing more on shelves across the U.S.  While they still have some hispanic themes to the drink (A couple sayings in spanish and using more unique lettering choices) it is way turned down from being a coffee drink aimed towards hispanics and more to a coffee drink aimed at everybody. They is more going on without being busy, and I am not hesitant  to bring this canned drink with me to my morning meetings and look out of place.  While I appreciate going after the hispanic market for a coffee drink, this toned-down version still does the trick.
Taste: Cafe Vanilla:9   Cappucino:8
Madrinas coffee now comes in three flavors, the usual chocolate, espresso and vanilla (with almost no exceptions, every coffee drink is in one of these flavors).  All of them are a marked improvement over what this drink was in the past – tasting creamy and sweet, yet not overpowering or too much like a shake.   The old version was a mess, but you can actually taste real yummy coffee in here.  The regular espresso flavor tasted a little watery, but the Cafe Vanilla was the perfect blend of sweet and strong coffee flavor to really work.
Still this is a canned coffee, so don’t be expecting the same thing as an iced version of a gourmet shade-grown rainforest blend.   But I would certainly rate this higher than anything put out in cans by Starbucks, Monster, Rockstar or a dozen other brands out there.
Again, there is a marked improvement from the old version to this one.  While the original might not have had any caffeine in it at all, each can has 100mg of caffeine from coffee in it.  While that means it is about half as powerful as a regular drip coffee, it still can satisfy  – as you just can not help but swig this stuff down fast.  I really like what Madrinas has going on here, and was told that a more turbo drink is in the works, something with a bit more power for guys like me who need that morning rush to have more Oomph.



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    Keep up the great work, man. I just posted my first review since January 11th. And I have a few more on the way.

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