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Rockstar Vanilla Light Latte




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Posted April 23, 2016 by

Rockstar makes about as many different kinds of drinks as there are drink to be made.  They have had a Relax formula, a super sour one, punches and workout waters and about everything else you can think of – and almost all of them are fantastic hits or complete flops.

That is why it is no surprise that they also have their line of energy coffees, right there next to the Starbucks and Monster canned varieties.   The difference between this and the others you can find on the shelf is that

  1. This is half the calories of other canned coffees
  2. It is not nearly as overpoweringly sweet as the usual vanilla flavored coffees out there.
  3. The caffeine is substantial, coming in at around 240 per can – plus other nutrients

This is a very good thing – if you are into drinking your coffee out of a can rather than a paper cup.   While I am not so very fond of their heavily caloric regular line (although they are also very tasty if a bit  syrupy) The light one is worth a try.

The can is designed well enough – although it reminds me a whole lot of design schemes from the 80s   If you were looking for something to color coordinate with your Mac SE, this would totally be the thing.   I guess it is hard to come up with a good color combo that speaks of light vanilla, but overall it is still fine.  The lettering is easy to read and they remembered to print the caffeine on the can, as well as double face the name to make it easier for stockers to face the cans in convenience and grocery stores.

Of all the Rockstar coffee flavors, this one is definitely the one to get.  The other flavors are a bit too over the top in fake coffee flavoring and sugars – making it far too sweet and..glacky.   That isn’t the case with the Vanilla Light, with jut enough sweetness and flavor to make it yummy without turning into a milkshake

But now I would not go thinking this tastes like real coffee – it still tastes as close to a good real cup of joe as one of those powdered espresso drink machines at convenience stores compared to a real cup of cappucino.   You know full well that when you get into this you are getting  coffee flavored beverage and not even close to a yummy big cup of fresh roasted coffee.   It’s a hack, but a yummy one.  The stevia leaves a little bitterness and there is a little chalky aftertaste to it, but overall it ain’t half bad.

This is where things get interesting.  Usually coffee drinks are on the light side of nutrients, seeing as coffee doesn’t have that much in the way of taurine and vitamin B and all that.   But, this is not a real coffee drink but one put out by Rockstar, so of course there is going to be a boatload of good stuff packed in here.

The sugar/sucralose/ace-k blend of sweeteners get this to only 70 calories per serving, compared to the 140 these drinks usually have. When you add in the 3g protein, all your vitamin Bs, sodium and potassium, 1000mg taurine, ginkgo, inositol, l-carritine, and Site pantrax ginseng extract, 20mg milk thistle extract – all good stuff.  My favorite part of the whole thing is the whopping 240mg of caffiene this drink has!   This one will definitely get you moving with a purpose and not feel like you just ate a pankake breakfast while you did it – as long as you don’t mind your coffee drinks to not taste a whole lot like coffee.




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