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Super Bull Coffee with Milk




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Posted April 23, 2016 by

Every once in a while I find myself wandering the aisles of an Asian food market, and end up with cans and cans of strange coffee drinks in my cart.  While there are the occasional cool energy drinks to be found, the amount of canned coffee drinks that come out of Asia are staggering.  Some can be quite good – although most range from the ridiculous to the ridiculously bad.
In the case of Super Bull Extra – Coffee with Milk, this little 6 ounce can was one of the worst coffee drinks I have ever had.  This awful rancid piece of garbage was so bad I am surprised it even made it past customs.  I have a hard enough time someone would spend the time producing it, let alone cart it all the way here from Thailand.  But, thanks to the Anhing Corporation in Los Angeles, It made its way into the US.   You would think that somewhere along the way, from the bottling plant to my cart, someone would have drank a can of this and decided it was not worth the bother.
This small 6.08 o can is what happens when you stick to only one color for your printing job – and goes the range from reddish brown to brown to yellowish brown – all in one hard to read mess.  First – you gotta love the name Super Bull, which is most likely a play off Red Bull, even though other than both being liquid have nothing to do with another.   Secondly, by printing brown on top of yellowish brown, you miss such things as their illustrated stamp on top of their bad picture of what I am guessing is coffee on ice.  IF you look closely, you can read that they are excited that this was made “FROM ROASTED COFFEE BEANS” which is much better than using them raw or microwaved.  They do have an easy to read nutritional label, and thats about it.   You could tell before opening the sturdy aluminum can that this drink is going to be pretty sketchy.
Have you ever left coffee in the pot so long that it got that nasty sludge on bottom from cooing all day?   Well, take that sludge, add a little bit of sugar and reconstitute it with some water and powdered coffee creamer and thats about what you have here.  Basically a slightly sweet canned burned mess.  If you like coffee, or your tastebuds I would pass this one up.
No reason to continue ranting, just no.  Big bad no.
If you manage to finish the can of slightly sweet reconstituted burned coffee sludge, it is only 6 ounces, and not even enough caffeine to register even a hint of energy.   I like canned coffee.  I like Asian canned coffee – I have even had some great Thai canned coffee, but this is barely drinkable.  Please Anhing Corp, taste your products before you end up bringing crap like this to my awesome Asian food market.




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