Posted October 8, 2013 by Big Red Boots in caffeinated candy

Coffee Thins

Every once in a while even after over a thousand different energy samples I come across something that just puts me on my ear.   I am just minding my business in a coffeehouse and see something which seems too good to be true is jut sitting on a corner near the shelf like it is the most common product out there.  Coffee Thins are one of those products -these are not only one of the most unique ways to get your caffeine fix, but it is unique enough to really stand out from the crowd.

This is just like a Ghirardelli chocolate  square – one of those little delicious squares you find in coffee shops and specialty grocery stores – only NO CHOCOLATE!  Instead, these awesome little treats all look like it and taste smooth and creamy and delicious, but they are made instead of pure coffee.  Coffee thins come in 3 flavors, Espresso, Americano and Latte – all glorious and strong and so good – advertising a half cup of coffee (or a half cup – depending on where you read it on their site) in each little square.

The worst thing about Coffee Thins is the silly packaging, looking like a private label and really hides all the great coffee flavors and originality in each smooth silky bite.  Rather than really show what is in here, there is bland lettering, a logo best left on cheap private label coffee labels in cheese hotel rooms and not enough information to tell you what the hell is inside.  Even though it has a big callout that this was “Made from Natural Coffee,” the only real mention that there is something greater than a cheap little dessert is that little hint you get on the ingredients list that there is no chocolate listed.

Still, with the lost-in-the-past generic wrapper, the lack of caffeine listing and the boring lettering it would be near impossible for mot people to really get behind this product.  I absolutely love these chocolates – but having it in this wrapper is like sticking a Aston Martin interior and engine inside a used Honda body.

It does not matter what flavor you have – you will be blown away by these little treats.  I think I like the Americano best, but it is a close one next to the others too.  You will not believe these have no coca in them – they just taste so thick and sweet and yummy  -just like a gourmet chocolate square.  

The Latte one is definitely the creamiest – giving a great coffee flavor as it melts all creamy and goo ey in your mouth.  The Espresso is the darkest and hardest of the bunch, acting like a rich dark chocolate, giving a nice sharp crack as you break off a bit in your mouth.   On all of them the flavor is of a great strong but not over-sweet coffee, a flavor that makes me want to come up with adjectives that fit more with italian race-cars that caffeine treats.   Don’t let the package fool you – these are really heavenly.

And the buzz kicks some ass too!  Although they can not make up their mind how much coffee is in each bar ( some of their slogans say it has half a cup of coffee, some say a full cup in each bar), the difference is really the amount of caffeine the company wants to pretend is in a cup.  My first square did not much to m – but I felt nicely caffeinated, like I just had my first cup of morning joe.  That changed about 10 minutes after my next square, where I definietly felt a nice buzzing in my system.  Of course not knowing when to stop and loving the flavor, I had to savor a third square, which definitely pushed me to the edge of over-caffeination (which I love) getting the feeling of light jitters and bursting energy that I only feel after consuming a prodigious amount of caffeine.   Chances are I would have eaten my fourth or fifth soon after if I had any more left – as these go down so easy and the coffee buzz is superb!

In terms of nutrition – meh – it is a dessert treat – not a health food snack.  There are about 70-80 calories in each little square, and unless you made the mistake of only buying one you are easily going to wolf down a couple in a sitting.  They list the coffee as 100% natural, although with the neat trick of making the coffee into such a cool and delicious shape I really don’t care if they pack it full of chemicals or magic or ground unicorns – it is totally worth it.

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