Posted February 23, 2011 by Big Red Boots in caffeinated candy

Cool Caffeine caffeinated peppermints

Firstly, a big thank you to kingofcaffeine.com for providing me samples of this most refreshing treat.  How do I know they are refreshing?  it says so – right on the package!

I could not have taken this at a better time. I had the day off of work and was recovering from a cold – brain slipping – finding myself dozing on the couch… That’s no way to spend a day off!  I have work to research, reviews to make!  Chores to be done and kids to look after!  After downing about 600 cough drops this weekend, I remembered that I got this ugly looking bag from kingofcaffeine.com filled with caffeinated peppermints. Screw the Halls and the Ricola – this is what got me through the afternoon cough free!   And while the package and the buzz did not last a long time, I really appreciated how it got me through the day.

The first hurdle to eating these is the horrific packaging they arrive in.  While other mints arrive in foil tins or cool mint boxes, these are in a paper-thin plastic pouch, and a super ugly one too.  The color is bad.  The font is bad, the overall style is worse!  It looked like this should hold 20 or 30 mints – and with only 100mg of caffeine per bag, I was wishing they would at least provide more quantity to make up for the shoddy receptacle.   The design looks like something you might find in hotel bathroom, along with the bad smelling bar or soap and cheap toiletry crap. It is nice that they list the caffeine content and other nutritional information on it, but it can not save this chintzy design. It’s a shame too, because it completely belies what you will find inside.

Cool Caffeine caffeinated peppermints taste just like Altoids, with just as curiously strong and refreshing bite in each mint!  I am a fan of all things Altoid, and always wish they came out with a caffeinated variety.Well, this is the best it gets.  You can taste the peppermint, made from premium triple distilled Idaho peppermint oil. That sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  But really, I had no idea that you needed to distill Peppermint oil – or if distilling it does anything at all.  But the menthol is lovely in here, as well as the use of sugar and regular corn syrup to sweeten them up just the right amount.

I can say that this is one of the best tasting caffeinated mints I have ever had, right there with Foosh.  The menthol and sweetness provided that burst of refreshing mintiness and lasting fresh breath I was hoping for, without a hint of the caffeine within.  Actually, I am glad there are only ten mints in here – or I would spend the day noshing on them and probably O.D.

I love how these mints contain 10 milligrams because I could suck down one of these in about 3 minutes, or the entire pack in a half hour.  I hate how these mints take a full half hour before you get the 100mg in you.  I love how the caffeine goes right to work if you suck them, as they can enter your bloodstream from your tongues and mouth subcutaneously without needing to be digested.  I hate how, like Altoids, sucking them is nigh impossible, as you crunch on these damn hard candies and devour them.
Overall though, I love them because they are delicious and caffeinated and makes the mouth minty and nice buzzy.  This stuff provides a nice big dose of energy – enough it got my sorry sick self off that couch and take the kids and the dog for a long walk.You won’t be climbing on the walls or get jacked up – but you will get a nice decent burst of wakefulness and energy that lasts a good hour or two. 

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