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Death Wish ground coffee

I came upon Death Wish coffee through another product, one I stumbled upon and have instantly fallen in love with.  Not since the invention of Thomas Dolby’s mind has there been such a good combination between the creative and the scientific.  While in Dolby’s case the result was musical, at the Funranium Labs, the result is highly caffeinated.  While I am working at trying to get to try some Black Blood of the Earth for a review, I was sent some of the coffee he uses to produce some of the World’s most dangerous coffee product.  To create this, he used some of Death Wish Coffee in hi desire to produce the strongest and most intense and drinkable coffee in the world.

To explain Death Wish coffee properly, I need to relate a story that happened to me many years ago on a trip to Denmark.  I went there alone at 18, and got to wander the street of Copenhagen all by myself.  Seeing as I was given all this freedom and personal responsibility, I thought I should do what any 18-year-old American would do and try to buy some alcohol.

Fortunately, it was legal for 18-year-olds to buy and consume beer there, so I proceeded to ask the guy in the liquor store for a very dark beer.  Not speaking any English – he mistook the word dark for strong,  and rather than knocking back 3 or 4  healthy thick ├ślfabrikken Porter’s, I found myself drinking Elephant Beer, the 9% alcohol Danish equivalent to Mickey’s Malt Liquor.  Instead of exploring new and unique cultures sipping a spicy intense mature beer, my first legal drinking experience had me blundering around downtown Copenhagen on a quest to find salted pretzels and trying not to look like the dumbass teenage tourist I am sure I was.

Basic truth; dark and rich very rarely equals powerful and strong.

Exactly the same thing happens with coffee – only probably without the salty snacks.  You know that amazing delicious full bodied Italian roasted Americano you love that much?  Good luck getting a buzz from it.  Most of that really strong coffee has had all that sweet sweet caffeine roasted out of it.  It is a pretty well known fact that your Arabica Fair trade organic Whole Foods coffee has much less caffeine content than that barely drinkable swill you can find at your local truck stop, which for all it’s nastiness  is just packed chock full of energy.  The cheap Robusta coffee they use to cut Folgers and other blends to make them cheaper is way more caffeinated – even through they taste bitter and chalky.  If you want a really tasty cup of coffee that also has some power behind it – you are in for a hard time.

That is unless you turn to a product like Death Wish Coffee.  Unlike Revv Coffee or others that boost their caffeine content by adding guarana or other external caffeinated substances to their coffee, Death Wish Coffee purports to have found a coffee bean with close to 200% the amount of caffeine as your typical coffee shop coffee. They roast it to a medium-dark for a strong and robust flavor and then sell it in ground bags.  The result is a very good, lightly acidic very very perky coffee that you don’t have to even give up your conscience to buy.  Their coffee is still Fair Trade and Organic and all that, but actually gets you wired like a Big Gulp cup sized Farmers Brothers coffee would give you.  I heard that they do sell the full bean variety too, but mine were all ready to dump in the coffeepot on arrival.

The bag itself is pretty amusing, a giant black container with a Death Wish sticker showing a skull and crossbones are on the front, the top and the back too.  The one on the bag informs the drinker that “you probably can’t handle it’s flavor and intensity.”  Even with the misuse of the word “its”, the back of the package is both a great warning and terribly amusing too.  While this is not as sophisticated as a bag of Shock Coffee, it is loads more mature than Meth coffee – both ground coffees with extra power in them.

 As for the flavor, I can say that the roaster definitely knows their trade.  This is a phenomenal rich dark coffee – and though I usually prefer lighter roasts, this is a great dark and very silky flavor – not even getting glose to the burnt bitter flavor of many darker roast coffees.  There is also the fact that this is Organic coffee, which really ends up tasting better – smoother.  Also being Fair Trade is just easy on the conscience, but Organic coffee actually tastes better.  Death Wish has a sweetness and much less bitterness than you normally find in a coffee this dark.  It has the nuttines of a much lighter coffee, and does not have the oiliness of a dark coffee either.

I have an idea how they did this – but it is just an hypothesis.  I don’t think Robusta coffees necessarily have to be bad.  What if someone found a way to grow a Robusta blend that actually tasted good?Truthfully, I have no earthly idea how they managed to accomplish this – but it works – really really works.  I feel all sorts of sad that the bag is gone and I have to go back to my boring Sunflower Market  coffee now, or spend the expense for more of the good stuff, although Death Wish daily can get a bit pricey.

Packaging:9  Taste:10    Buzz:10

Big Red Boots