Posted September 13, 2012 by Big Red Boots in straight up energy drink

Dragon Tail Tropical energy drink

Dragon Tail is a great energy drink brand that comes from Orca Beverage soda works in Washington.  These fine people are keeping alive such favorite olye tyme sodas like Dad’s root beer, Bubble Up and Moxie Cola.  Orca distributes a ton of different specialty sodas too, but this seems to be the only energy drink they make – and it is a good one!

This version of Dragon Tail is supposed to be Tropical, according to the strangely printed yellow lettering on the bottom of the golden dragon.  So far, it is the only versions of Dragon Tail energy I have found, located deep within the bowels of my local Rocket Fizz soda emporium.  Like the cola version I tried before, this comes in a cool brown bottle, looking a bit more like I was knocking down an asian beer than an energy drink.    

Like the other flavor, the only real drawback to Dragon Tail is the lack of caffeine content on the bottle.  I think the whole design and layout absolutely rocks, but just telling the public that this has caffeine and guarana but not saying how much is in here does not do any good.  They don’t even bother with the standard “as much as a cup of coffee” B.S. that so many energy drinks do – this has nothin’ other than listing it as an ingredient, and has a warning to pregnant women that it has caffeine.  Their drinks would be so much better if they just went that extra step.

Tropical flavor could mean anything from heavy pina colada to mangoes and everything in between.  In most cases, tropical usually means an overload of citric acid and heavy syrup with yellow food dye.  In Dragon Tails’ case the Tropical means pineapples and some exotic candy flavor, and ends up being about as authentically tropical as a store bought Mai Tai mix.  It does not really matter though, as the flavor is candy deliciousness.

Tropical starts off nice and thick, which I am sure comes from the cane sugar used to sweeten things.  On top of that there is a whole lot of Kool Aid Fruit Punch-esque which is so yummy as to not be a problem.  Sure, if you were hoping for a real taste of the tropics you would be disappointed, but if you were just looking for something pinapple/berryish this really hits the spot.

Like the cola drink, I managed to get a nice little buzz off the tropical flavor, but I am not sure if that is because of the caffeine and guarana in here, or the 160 calories of sugar they packed in here too.  Either way, I did get a couple hours of nice buzzy energy out of this.  I was not flying, but I had enough power to get me through the afternoon without having another coffee.

In therms of energy ingredients, this is just powered by caffeine and guarana, but who knows in what amount.  There is a ton of sugar and artificial flavors, so you will not be turning to this for anything healthy or good for you.  However, when you are looking for a sweet and sour soda with that extra punch, grabbing a Dragon Tail is a pretty delicious idea.

Big Red Boots