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Eco Lips caffeinated Energy Lip Balm

I am coming to the conclusion that lip balm gives you dry lips.   I know it is backwards thinking, but I have never had a problem with dry lips up until I started using Eco Lips energy infused lip balm.  I have never been a user of any lip balms – preferring to tough out my cracked lips in dry weather without much care, even though I live in one of the driest states in the US.   Lip balms just seemed to be too much of a pain – as they need to be carted around, but not in your pocket where they will melt.   Not to mention, unless my lips are actually giving me pain, they are just not a body part I gave a whole lot of attention to.   They are left alone to waste away along with all the other body parts that I never pay attention to, like the top part of my ears. However, hen I saw there was a new caffeinated version – I had to try it out.  

Eco Lips energy is not the first time I have tried caffeinated lip balm either. Energy-X made a kind that was even supposed to help you lose weight.   Eco Lips looks cooler though – coming in a black tube with a lightning bolt on it.   If I were the kind of guy who had dry lips – which I never thought I was until I started sampling this stuff – then this is definitely the kind I would be carting around.  maybe there is a caffeinated product for all those other parts now, like a caffeinated elbow skin lotion.
This is a pretty cool looking tube of wax, although there is only so much that you can do with a tube of wax.  It is designed very prettily, with cool fonts under their very cool logo too.  it is a great printing job and is very easy to read, even the warning to people that this product should not be used by children or pregnant women.
My pockets are not safe places for just about anything that is not hard and metal.  I go through wallets every year or two, I have gone through a couple pocket watches, and countless pants had to be tossed when end exploded in them. But, for some reason this did not melt in my pocket and go all over the place as those little tubes of Chapstick seem to.  I carried this around with me for a good three weeks and did not see any issue with the stick at all – or even a loss of firmness.
My only issue here is that you have no idea how much caffeine there is in here, though there is a call out to the caffeine, green tea and vitamin B12 in here.   Even though it is just coming through on the lips, it would be nice to know just how much caffeine you are adding to your bloodstream.
My wife gets Burt’s Bees all the time, so occasionally I would try it out and see what it was like – and I could say it is a pretty similar experience, except for the light tingling I feel on my lips soon after applying a coat.  
My first thought was that it was cool that adding this to my lips made them  bit tingly – and that it might be the caffeine doing its thing.  Of course caffeine does not really work like that – and it is the spearmint and peppermint oils in here which were causing the tingle.  While I am no purveyor of the lip balms, I would say that it left my mouth with a generally pleasant experience.  While I am not sure it was good enough to turn me into a Lip Balmer, if I were to become a habitual user of the beeswax I could see latching onto this flavor.
When you are applying caffeine directly onto your skin to be absorbed subdermally, the buzz you get is different that when you ingest it.  Yes – caffeine can definitely affect you through the skin – as I found out baking with pure caffeine a couple times.  It can get absorbed right through the skin and into your bloodstream.  That is why other products like caffeinated soap and Caffeinated pantyhose give you energy too.  In this case it is even more powerful, as lips are like a sponge for that stuff and just suck the chemicals right in.
The problem here is that I have absolutely no way to know just how much caffeine there is in here.  When trying to figure out a good dose to take,t he only help I get is on the tube stating “Use in moderation”.  Not being a regular user, I don’t even know how much is a moderate dose…  Can you use it every 15 minutes?  a couple times a day?  I don’t know.   It does not help that the energy in here gets absorbed try gradually, so there really is no rush or crash to speak of.  Instead, using Ecolips left me feeling a bit more energetic and boosted throughout my day, and felt like I could go longer between my regular coffee and energy product doses.    Along with that, I felt my lips being more alive and tingly than I fit before,and quite a lot more moisturized too.
 No, Ecolips did not turn me into.
In terms of other ingredients – I am way impressed.  It was only after going online that I aw that Ecolips were organic as well – Which makes sense, and makes me like it all that much more.   Yeah, the caffeine in here seems to be more about the schtick than the actual buzz, but for a caffeine fiend it is one of the more fun products to have around in your arsenal.

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