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Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints

Ed  Hardy is one of those properties which have grown far beyond its original design.  Now Ed Hardy is a lifestyle choice, one that demands either complete approval or marked disgust.  Ed Hardy has come to epitomize Douche Culture – something that is does not deserve. Just because hipsters drink PBR to be ironic does not mean that it does not have its place.  There are always times where really cheap beer is what is important.  Ed Hardy’s caffeinated snack line can look cool, function well and taste decently without succombing to complete douchebaggery.
After all, the only thing worse than a dude sporting an Ed Hardy tee is a Young white urbanite who makes fun of people who wear Ed Hardy tees.

A BIG BIG shout out goes out to Kingofcaffeine.com, who was gracious enough to send me a sample.  You can pick it up from him HERE

Still, I had this feeling like if I ate enough of these mints I would have the uncontrollable desire to grow sideburns, wear aviator glasses and laugh at movies like the hangover and anything starring Seann William Scott.  This is not against the mints themselves – which were not that bad, but against having to carry around the collectible metal tin it comes in – and having to take a side in the whole Melrose/Tragically hip debate.  If you don’t mind the whole Ed Hardy thing – or actually like it – then this packaging is absolutely for you.  This is Ed Hardy at it’s most Ed Hardyest.  There is the logo and the ever popular doggie tattoo embossed in a a rough coated tin.  This is what Altoids would be if  it grew up on the Streets of Melrose.

More than that, it fits nicely in the pocket – and is a cool design.  It lists caffeine and all ingredients clearly, and it a knockout printing job.  If I got into the Ed Hardy thing,  I would be SO in love with this tin.

There is about 20mg of caffeine in every mint – which is not too shabby.  This is helped out with some guarana (more caffeine) and a bit of ginseng.  The best thing about Ed Hardy mints is the almost immediate and lovely buzz you can get from it.  Pop 2 or 3 in your mouth for an almost instantaneous lift, or pop a bunch in your mouth and get the jitters!
One of my more favorite things to do with the tin was to line up the mints in a little row, and pop 2 or 3 in my mouth over the course of a day.  I felt no crash – and stayed bouncy for well past the work day, but also into dinnertime too.  Whatever you think of the packaging or the flavor, the little 20mg chewable mint tablet is the way to go!

Now as for what I thought of the flavor, it was better than I was expecting from products paring the moniker of  Ed Hardy, but worse than many mints I have had previously.  These are not bad, but I disliked the softness, and there was a chalky, bitter edge to each mint.  They did not have the hard mint crunch of  Mpower or Warp mints, which keeps me sucking on the mints longer.  These sort of crumble in your mouth after the first 15 seconds or so.

The actual flavor of the mint is OK.  Certainly not a Foosh, but it ain’t bad neither.  The best way I have heard it described was from my daughter – who thought it tasted like crunchy toothpaste.

I would love to have more of these around.  I would just put all my mints in a plastic baggie first.

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