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Element energy water

Element energy water introduces something new to the caffeine world. Sure, there have been a number of bottled caffeine waters over the years, most famously, Water Joe – a water with a kick that made all the news back in the mid-90’s. Since that fad all but dissapeared, there have only been a handful of energy waters out there, and most have been laced with other stuff like sugars and fake berry flavoring.

I have been fortunate to be able to try a number of other energy waters, like Avitae and Fyxx, both of which have been decent.  Element is better though, because they contain a mystery third ingredient.  Well, actually, not that mysterious – just unique.  Element has theanine in it, an ingredient that comes from green tea and is supposed to help with concentration and mental focus.  Hydration, mental focus and energy, all while tasting like nothin’; pretty neat idea!

It’s a water bottle.  I like the water bottle – but there is only so much you can do with it.  The bottle is clear – so you can be sure that it doe snot have anything in it that would make it look cloudy or weird.  What I really do like is that they list the caffeine content – so it is no surprise what you are going to get out of it.
Other than that – it is what it is: a basic bottle of water.

This is about as close as I have ever seen a caffeinated water get to just regular water.  There is a slight aftertaste, but pretty much it tastes no better or worse that any water from the tap.  Figuring this is full of theanine and caffeine, this is a pretty remarkable achievement. According to their local New York newspaper, the Saratogan, they achieved this laudable goal by using extracts from the green coffee berry, which they say does not have any of the harshness that caffeine usually does. I would chalk this up to hogwash, but it certainly seems to work. Even after reviewing caffeine drink for many years, I guess I can still learn a thing or two.

I tried this on  couple occasions, both in the gym and at work, ice cold and luke warm.  No matter how you try it, this is really just water – only with about as much caffeine as a bottle of Mountain Dew.

 Element tastes just like regular plain old water – and I LOVE it; especially in the gym. It turns out that bringing one of these bottles onto the treadmill has completely helped power my workout.  It is only 50mg of caffeine, so it is not like this is a particularly big blast of energy.  However, when you are working hard and sweating, slamming a bottle of Element proved to be the PERFECT dose of caffeine to help give me the little bit of energy needed to recover from it in short order.

The theanine is really what sets this apart from other caffeinated waters.  Rather than bothering with taurine or B vitamins, The theanine kept me very alert and focused – which I really felt.  It could have been just psychosomatic, but I really felt great both times I tried this at the gym, more than plain old regular water.

The effect was more mellow outside of the gym though.  There is only50mg in a full 17 ounce bottle, so it takes a while to even consume that much liquid.  It took me a couple hours to drink through two full bottles of Element, and there was so much peeing from all that water it would be a bad choice to go for this if you wee really needing energy. where this drink works is if you are one of those people who drink the recommended 6-8 cups of water a day.  If you keep drinking water, you keep consuming small amounts of caffeine – enough to keep you energized through the day.  Especially cool would be al the focus you would have from a constat dose of theanine too.

That being said, I really wanted one with a stronger boost in it, or a smaller bottle with the same potency. While this was nice for the gym, outside  I craved a bigger amount of energy to get me through the day without drinking all that water.    For now, you can find them to buy at http://www.amazon.com/Element-Caffeinated-Water-16-9-Case/dp/B005580CAK

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