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What point is there in having a cool looking energy drink if you don’t bother showing it off?   Energy drinks can come in a very wide variety of colors.  I have had some be bright orange, green, fiery red, and in the case of this particular energy drink, cool neon blue.   The difference with this drinks it goes the extra mile to show off its unique colors, coming in a clear plastic can – shaped just like an energy drink can should – but as clear as any vitamin water PET bottle.  This brilliant idea stopped people in their tracks and started many an energy drink container when it was at my desk.  For a long  time I did not even want to drink Cool Blue energy because of if was such a great conversation starter.
Packaging: 10
Just for the uniqueness alone this would get a 10, but when you add in all the other details, this can is a sure-fire hit.  The wording is easy to read both when the can is full of blue liquid or empty, and the same goes true for the ingredients list and all the other important info on the can.   The type is clear and easy to read, and the can stands up well to normal wear and tear like an aluminum can would.  The color of the liquid – a neon bright blue was almost shocking in its vividness – I actually tested it under the backlight just to see if it would glow.
But my favorite part about this drink is that the can still looks like a can!  Yes, they could have done well going the cheaper route and bottling their energy drink in a normal PET bottle, but Cool Blue took the next step and made their clear plastic drink can look JUST like the metal counterpart.   This even has a traditional metal can pop-top, so not only does it really sell the can, but it also makes it more stackable if you were a bar looking to buy cases of it.

This flavor tastes just like it looks – a melted blue raspberry Jolly Rancher.  This is not a bad thing – and really I would have been disappointed if it tasted like anything else.  I know the label said this was supposed to be berry flavor, but the taste was generic enough of a berry to let my taste memory kick in and I could not shake that Blue Raspberry taste – thats just what blue colored drinks should be like.

I can only dream of the fun you could have when mixing this.  Of course I had to try Cool Blue in a couple recipes, and found some interesting color combinations could be had.   As expected, it made for a very girly vodka drink – so much so that it needed a chunk of fruit in a straw in it.  It was also great mixed a little with some cranberry juice and gin for a yummy Purpletini.  Cool Blue would be fun to have in a bar gun – so bartenders could play with this as an ingredient, like blue curacao or ginger schnapps.

It does not really matter if there is a kick in Blue Raspberry or not, but it is nice that there is a little.  There is the usual caffeine amounts and energy drink ingredients like Taurine and such in here, with nothing too spectacular or out of the ordinary.  But this is not a drink to pick up when you are just wanting a Red Bull Equivalent, this is a drink you want to show off – to take with you to meetings and parties.

Of course adding that lovely color means hat there are artificial colors and flavors and all that in here, but it is not glow-in-the-dark nuclear chemicals ( I did check it under a black light to see if I could make it glow, but alas) as much as your standard stuff you would find in any soda.  While I would not be popping 3 or 4 of these a day, Cool Blue is a fun way to start off your boring social events.




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