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Slurpees are just about the best drink in the world.  Unfortunately, there was only one time that an energy drink ever made its way into an official Slurpee, the infamous Monster Black Ice – which was amazingly delicious but had the side effect of turning your stool green. If there were one Rockstar that would work best in a Slurpee, this would be the best choice – hopefully without the same unfortunate effects.

Lime Freeze Energy reminds me a whole lot of a Sour Patch Kids Lime Slurpee – especially if you freeze it a little before you drink it so there is those ice crystals forming.  Careful though – if you forget about it in there you’ll end up with an exploded lime green frozen mess on your hands.

Overall Rockstar does right when it comes to packaging.  The label is not on there twice, but their logo is, and wraps around nearly 70% of the can.  So, even though the cap is not on to adequately present the logo when drinking, it is easy enough for the name of the drink to be visible and for stockers of grocery shelves to not get pissed and have to face all those cans with the logo pointing out. The layout is nice enough, although I am not sure I get why a lime freeze drink is written in blocky stencils, and why Freeze = Lightning.  Does something about limes make people think of military-esque lightning vortexes?  Still, its green and easy to read, so for that it works.

Functionally, it works too.  They clearly list all the ingredients, including caffeine (twice), and have all you would ever need to know about the drink.  The only thing I don’t see on it is the new self-imposed calorie count tab you find on the bottoms of most corporate soft drinks now.  Could be that they are not hip to it, but at the 280 calories a can it would make sense why they would hide it.

I was imagining from the can that this would be another great drink mixer of the Pina Colada variety.  I was pleasantly mistaken, and was greeted with a nice lime-popsicle treat.  I definitely tasted more of a light mint flavor than a real lime, but this is a good thing too.  I could see knocking an ice-cold one of these back on a hot day and feeling so fine.  There is a definite sour note, but the sour is more of a candy-sour and less of a real pucker inducing harsh sour.

I am not sure what makes this a “Freeze” drink – maybe you are supposed to have it iced?  I can say that this drink definitely gets better when Ice Cold.  I tried one warm and it was a baaaaad move.  Either ice it up, or don’t have it at all.

With so much going on for it, its too bad there is a literal crap-ton of sugar in here (60 grams per can) as well as over 280 (!!) calories in the can too.  So, if you have a hard time feeling energized from the caffeine, the sugar overload should do the trick too.  Of course all that sugar leads to a big ‘ol crash too, especially with the smaller 160mg caffeine dose to keep you humming.

It has all the standard nutritive Rockstar amounts too.  2 grams of taurine, 2000mg Taurine, 100mg Glucuronolactone, some Inositol, Milk Thistle Extract, Ginseng – and gets part of the caffeine from guarana as well as the more standard anhydrous variety.




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