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I still find drinking vitamin waters as not much more than expensive Kool Aid.  Now you might ask what the difference is between that and an energy drink being expensive soda, and you would be dead on.  This is especially true if your drink does not have anything particularly unique to it – like adding in lots of vitamins and minerals and other stuff your body needs.   I even get Powerades and Gatorades, as those have potassium and really do help after a long workout.
Vitamin Water energy has been at the forefront of the Functional Water Category since it was a category.   Some variety of caffeinated Vitamin Water has been on the market for over three years now – and probably longer than that.  This one is a little different, in that it is in a can and not a pet bottle, and it is also lightly carbonated – so it is like an expensive Kool Aid  AND an expensive energy drink.
This drink is also one of 711’s exclusive products, which means they decided to go with a soft launch and see if their product was good enough to hit national.  However, from the look of how short this run seems to have lasted at the 711s I visited was, I seriously doubt this will ever make it to national launch – it is just not good enough of an energy drink or unique enough from the other drinks to do much other than confuse people.
Packaging: 7
 For being a can of Vitamin Water, it is not too shabby.  This is the first time I have seen a vitamin water in a can, and if it were not for the color I would be totally down with this as an energy drink. THe colors are not your normal for an energy drink, instead coming into the market with dark green or pink – and a very simple logo.  I would have expected an energy drink to be in something more eye catching, and instead this can gives off a more subdued feel.
Other than that it is about what you would expect.  There is the caffeine listing as well as all other ingredients, and I would have preferred i the can was double faced, so it wold be easier for the people working in the 711 stores would not have to face their cans all the time.  Also, double facing means that you can show off what drink you are holding without having to position your hand.   Not awesome, but decent.
Taste:Orange-Mango:7, Fruit Punch:7, Strawberry Lime: 8
I tried both Vitamin Water energy flavors, and they were both very OK.  I like that they were lightly sparkling, unlike most Vitamin Waters.  It tasted light and fruity, and I enjoyed them all.  Vitamin Water comes in three different varieties – a strawberry lime, berry punch and orange mango.
The orange mango tasted like orange soda – straight on.  I could not really detect much mango – but it is of no concern really.  It is a decent orange soda as orange soda goes.  It is not over-sweet or bitter, and did not leave my mouth sticky as most orange-y drinks do.
The Fruit punch was also what you would expect – a mix of fruitiness that reminded me of a fruit lollipop.
The best one of them all was the strawberry lime – if for no other reason than this one took a change on a flavor that was more sour and less sweet than the others, and was the most unique.  If you have tried this and loved it or hated it, it would have been because of this one.  I like a less sweet and more sour drink, so I really enjoyed it
It is nice seeing them go out on a limb a bit with the flavor profile.   They managed to balance the sweetness and the light flavor without getting bitter, which is made more difficult to do when using stevia as one of their sweeteners (stevia is pretty bitter tasting).
Buzz: 6
There are certainly good aspects to Vitamin Water Energy that are pretty well thought out.  They kept the sugar content down by using a blend of stevia and cane sugar, so there was a nice amount of sweet and tart and still kept the calories down to a minimum.  I also like the idea of using caffeine extracted from raw coffee beans, just because it is new and cool.  You know, caffeine is caffeine is caffeine, whether you get it from tea or made in a lab – the only real difference is that this is the latest trend of cool energy sources.   I also like the natural ingredients and no preservatives – which makes this much healthier than a caffeinated Kool Aid.
Problem is the same as their other caffeinated drinks – there is just not enough power in here to really do much.  There is 80mg in a 11.5 ounce can, and while that’s more than you can find in a soda, it is 4 ounces more liquid for the energy contained in a small can of Red Bull.   I know their forces is health and vitamin and not just an energy rush, but the vitamin content was very low too.  I was hoping for a real contender in this category – as this is a Coca-Cola product and you think they would have done their market research, but this Vitamin Water did not give me a whole lot to be excited about.
Still, I do not see any real reason for these drinks.  The can is modest, the flavors are decent but nothing amazing, and the buzz is pretty weak.   I was hoping when I saw those interestingly pastel-colored cans I would get cool energy drink flavors – but it seems like this was just churned out, without giving a whole lot of thought to the mart or their place in it.





    I am a Monster junkie, but I liked this drink because it didn’t have as much caffeine and was in between a coke and a true energy drink. I like that it doesn’t have all of the artificial sweeteners as it seems healthier. You don’t always need to be wired and it was nice to have an alternative. I actually got comments on the packaging “it looks refined” like a sophisticated and hipster type of drink. Coke should bring it back. It was priced perfectly between an energy drink and a coke as well.


    I agreed with this review, thanks!


    If you’re gonna compare Vitamin water to Kool aid, you might as well stop reviewing beverages cause your taste buds aren’t working!

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