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EnergyRush PocketBooster

EnergyRush PocketBoost is a real mouthful, but fortunately is a decently tasting mouthful that works all right too.   I found EnergyRush at a local liquor store, positioned next to all the other cheap liquor shots.   I think this was sold as a mixer with other drinks, although I am not sure that with such a strong cherry taste it would be that great of an idea.
There is also no more information to be found online anywhere about this thing, so EnergyRush might be a failed product too – which is decent enough to be a shame.  It is like any other energy shot – except it comes in a cool pouch made of paper, foil and plastic that is not like I have seen before.   It stood up to the abuse of being stepped on and crushed in my Work Backpack of Death, which is a pretty good test of the rigidity of the package (which did not look like it could stand up to it) as well as provide a decent boost to get me through the afternoon.
This is one of the more unique packaging ideas, and I am constantly surprised at how much abuse this paper package got and still held up under pressure.  This little packet was crunched at the bottom of my backpack for a couple weeks (I completely forgot I bought it) and it was smashed in with shoes and laptops and god knows what else.  By the time I remembered it was smashed at the corner heel of my pack and completely spattered in dirt and grime.   I thought to myself that there was no way this little paper and plastic package would hold – but it kept all its liquid inside free from leakage and gunk.  Very impressive.
As for the design of the packaging itself, it left a little more to be desired.  Although the mechanics were great (it cracked open as it should and did not spill a drop), it really bugs me when products state they have as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.  This makes absolutely no sense, as coffee can have anywhere between 80 – 300mg of coffee, depending on the brand and variety.  Stop being coy, and just list the caffeine content already.  Other than that though, the whole design was laid out very nicely and was easy to read (at least before I got it covered in guck and mud).
Taste: 8
The package stated I could mix this with water or just shoot it down, so of course I chose just snapping the top and squirting right in my mouth.  Its way more fun that way and really lets me get a good strong taste.  
The basic overall flavor is mixed berry – and it is a pretty decent blend for being sweetened with the standard Ace K/Sucralose blend.  It was not harsh or chemical,  but was not so over-sweet that it tasted like candy.   The non-nutritive sweetener actually helped give it a lightness that it needed to brighten up the drink.  If I could recommend a slight change it would be to add a hint of citrus to it to help balance out the rest of the chemical sweet tastes.
While there is no listing for caffeine, there was still a good dose of it in here, I am guessing between 120-180mg.  Add to that the carnitine, inositol, tyrosine and gugglesterones and you have one interesting energy mix.  Of course there is your usual B vitamin overhead in here too, but then there are even more interesting ingredients  – some of which I have not heard of before (which is really saying something).  While there is some that I know of , like Chromium, ginseng and Green Tea Extract, I have never heard of using white kidney beans,  coleus forskohii extract, Sylvestro extract or cambogia fruit  before,  and while some of these ingredients are linked to energy production, I am calling shenanigans on them adding White Kidney Beans and Sylvestro extract.
I got a nice decent sustained buzz from this – enough to keep my body humming along for a good couple of hours, and didn’t crash when it left my system either.   I could see this as a great thing for going on hikes and off into an adventure, as the whole thing can be packed fairl easily, recycled without too much problem and still hold up under pressure.

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