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Eruption Energy powder – Lava Lime flavor

I know I can be a little rough on energy drink powders.  I seem to get particularly picky with my supplements when they come in a mixer form – especially ones that make my water get all fizzy.  They almost always use some version of baking soda and citric acid which not only produces those little tiny fizzy bubbles (very different than the big carbonated bubbles of canned soda) , but also leaves your water tasting like a mix of Kool Aid and Alka Seltzer.  Energy drinks are even worse – as so many of them add salty and bitter ingredients into the mix that the baking soda flavor just puts it right into the undrinkable category.   There is a reason Arm and Hammer does not come out with flavored baking soda.

Eruption Energy powder is one of those drinks too.   Fortunately for them the experience is not altogether that bad, and if only the drink wasn’t so weak they might have had a decent product on their hands.

Eruption’s packets are cool enough – they are little foil squares that do a decent job of getting their information across quickly and leave out the business, while still holding a consistent design and scheme.   They even list the caffeine as well as all the other ingredients clearly and neatly on back.  The foil packet is also pretty sturdy – although also easy to open.   I had tossed one into my pocket and forgot about it for a day, and the thing still managed to hold up without rips or tears being knocked around with my wallet and keys without any damage.  Overall, you could not want any more for a powder container than this.

After opening the packet up, the first thing that I saw was some deliciously bright green powder – the same color as the packaging.   I love it when there is some consistency, and was hoping that it was bright enough to make my drink that color too.   Unfortunately, the powder turned a yellowish-green in the small bottle of water I added this to.  Still, I liked the initial small of the powder, and there wasn’t any clumping as I easily poured the mix out of the little packet.

Unfortunately, Eruption could not escape the saltiness of the baking soda concoction.  It could have been a whole lot worse – but the whole thing tasted more like a carbonated lime Gatorade than a soda – which I think was what they were going for.  I added it to about 12 ounces of water too, so the flavor was strong without being overly – potent.  If you don’t mind the flavor of sports drinks then you wont mind Eruption.  If this has any more kick to it I might have even tried this more than twice.

Unfortunately, the buzz in eruption is so weak I can not see ever trying this again.  There is a whole 45mg of caffeine in here, and when you add that to 12 ounces of energy this gives off about as much energy as a diet coke.  If it were not for the fact this is a powder this would not even register on the DMD scale to be reviewed on the site (almost all products I review should at least have as much caffeine as a Diet Mountain Dew).

Its really a shame because there is a whole bunch of other great ingredients too, but there is just not enough of them to make much of a difference energy-wise either. On top of that, they managed to make a drink with all natural ingredients – from the stevia as a sweetener to using veggies for the coloring.   This is really a cool thing – and should be somewhere on the packaging as it is a really unique thing.

 There is quite a lot of taurine in here (1500mg) along with Ginseng, Inositol and L-Carnitine to try to boost energy levels. To help focus and get your brain in gear, they have a combination of Ginko Biloba and Coenzyme Q10, which is a great combo. It also has your vitamins C, D, and B, not to mention electrolytes to aid you as a workout drink.

All in all it is a great combo – great physical and mental ingredients, plus nutrition and sports recovery.  For being a baking soda filled stevia sweetened soda it is decent as well. If they doubled their formula this would be fantastic – but it is just way too little of everything to get much notice.

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