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Eternal Energy shots

I know you have heard the name before.   But hey – with a name as cool as Eternal Energy, you knew it was just a matter of time before others started in on the name.   Actually, I wonder if they know about each other – and it will start a huge debate in court, like when Monster cable sued Monster Energy, and then the other way around, as no one was sure which came first.

In this case there are two products called Eternal Energy.  One is a tool tattoo themed drink put out by a tattoo company.  The other is a discount energy drink found at places in Walmart.  There are a whole lot of similarities too – both come with a berry and pomegranate shot that are pretty good, both provide a stellar buzz, and I can, and have, bought them without hesitation when I needed a good pick-me-up.  If you are skeptical of these shots because they are cheap and at a Wal-Mart, do not be afraid – these yummy little powerhouses do their intended purpose and then some.

This is a perfectly serviceable package, but you can definitely tell this is a discount product from it.   You have some very basic an bland colors, a very standard 5 Hour Energy bottle and a gargantuan mountain of text – none of which is listing the caffeine content.  The design is OK but there are some very basic things they could do to really clean things up.

Firstly, they have some of the text in black on blue, and some on white on blue, and all around makes reading the super-small text very hard.  Reading the ingredients list is near impossible, and all of the text on here is jumbled together.  There is all this silly copy that sounds like straight out of the energy shot handbook and means nothing but takes up room.  “Wake Up, Feel Great, Live Healthy, Balanced Energy, Increased Focus, Athletic Endurance” and so on.  It is a lot of copy for a small package, and nowhere in there is the caffeine content.  Eternal energy has some cool ingredients in it – but you just can not tell with this layout.

Taste: 8
Eternal comes in 4 flavors, Berry, Tropical Punch, Pomegranate and Grape. I could not find the tropical punch, but was fortunate enough to find the other three flavors, all for less than a buck at the Walmart. While the pomegranate was my least favorite, tasting bland and not at all like pomegranates, the grape and the berry were both most excellent. In both cases the flavor was not exactly real, but definitely identifiable – like a Dum Dum lollipop. It was a fake berry and fake grape flavor, but it still was pretty yummy. There was enough sweetness in this for the whole thing to be enjoyable, and no chalkiness or bitterness that you come to expect from energy shots. I think I liked the berry just a little more than the grape, but both were delicious and went down nice and smooth.

There is an energy profile in here I did not expect from such an inexpensive drink, and one that I really enjoyed seeing too.  You have to work to read the ingredients list posted on the side because of the color contrast, but there are some very cool ingredients listed.

While of course there is the usual overload of B vitamins, there is a great boost of caffeine in here – 220ish MG, enough to get you moving again and get that great caffeinated pumped up feeling.   THey help the boost with an undisclosed amount of taurine, Quercetin (the thing Lance Armstrong’s drinks keep promoting), Green Tea extract, elderberry extract, your daily vitamin C needs, and they even threw some yerba mate and grape seed extract in here as well!   This really is a powerful drink with some extra cool ingredients,   and that is not even considering they made it with no calories as well.

I love the energy blend in here – it is not only powerful, but gives you the sense that you have actually done your body a little good too.  You don’t feel the energy for that long – maybe 3 hours, but then t tapers off with a nice natural finish that does not leave you taking a nap soon after.    It is tasty enough that drinking it is a pleasure and not a task, like most other energy shots do.  I just wish they advertised all the good stuff in here more, and took all that useless ” Tastes great – less filling” stuff off their bottle.

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