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Extreme Week: 5150 Energy

OK so here is the thing with taking these things I take for these reviews.  I am usually very careful what I put in my body and how much.  I read every ingredient and know what is going ot happen to me when I take it.  I am by no means a martyr and not a caffeinated lunatic. Normally.  It is time to let loose a little, and push the limits and boundaries. But this week comes with a BIG WARNING.

  1. I Am a grownup.  IF you are a teen and you are playing with these things you could be in for a world of pain
  2. I have been reviewing these things for years.  I know what to look for and know my limits.
  3. I have a strict tolerance level for caffeine, and rarely push that limit.
  4. I have been to my doctor. I have a decent heart and work out every day.  While I am no athlete, I’m in decent shape.

OK – now that that is over, Things are getting scary.  Day One – Spike Shooters.  The Strongest energy drink made.  How to top that?  Fixx Ultra Speed Shot – the strongest shot ever made.  Both were nice rushes, but nothing I could not handle.  SO what could be Next?  What could be crazier than an energy shot with 400mg?

The answer, my friends, is this :four fluid ounces of 5150 Juice.  In this beautiful and ridiculously labeled mini-gas can comes 1800mg of caffeine.  Let me break that down for those of a little slow on the math. Four ounces is the size of 2 double shots of espresso – or 2 5 hour energies. 2 double shots of espresso would be about 300mg of caffeine.  Four ounces of 5150 juice has 6 times that amount!  I have had 5150 before, but this is a new formula – in a HUGE canister, and in the most deadly Family-Sized container I have ever seen.

Buzz:10  packaging:8  Taste:8
A friend pinned the can down – it is what industrial sized  bug killer comes in, only miniaturized.  The label on this is SO Bad!  So bad that it was done on purpose.  However, it did nicely list all the important info, directions for use, and all the important stuff . The literature states that the lack of design on the label means that they could make the product more cheaply, and this stuff is Cheap!  On their site,.you can buy 3 huge jugs for only 18 bucks!  In terms of energy drink consumption, that is super super cheap!

  So I cracked the mini-pesticide can and took a swig.  The original tasted nasty and it would have been impossible to drink straight.   This stuff was decent!  Not good, but drinkable straight if you so desired.  A few female coworkers said it tasted just like the glucose syrup you get when you get a diabetes test when you go to a pregnancy doctor.  I thought it tasted very medicinal and harsh, but infinitely drinkable.  Just a capful is virtually flavorless in a 16 ounce of bottle or in soda.  But of course I did not stop with a capful.  I am not sure how much of this bottle I consumed through the day, but by the time I regained my senses and put the drink away I consumed at least a quarter of the bottle (one serving size), but most likely more.   I definitely felt the delicious effects of caffeine intoxication.
My legs could not stop moving, and was completely restless.  And as I am writing this review, i feel like my fingers are moving at a blur speed.  I have some Speed Metal (Primal Fear) blasting in my headphones, and wondering if they were playing slow on purpose. My body feels jittery and I need to go to the gym.

I noticed a little nervousness, so I slowed down the consumption a bit before going into caffeine intoxication, but every time I tried to put the damn bottle away my guinea pigs caffeine testers came back for more – this is some seriously powerful stuff!  It is helped out with some B complex, but this is really just fueled by copious amounts of sweet sweet caffeine!  I continued to sip on the bottle all day, and felt no crash AT ALL after a full day of PPPPOOOOWWWWEEEERRRRR!

If you enjoy a jolt of caffeine, you will be very pleased with 5150.  I know I am going to savor the little bit I have left.

Big Red Boots