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Firestar Max energy powder

Firestar energy packets have come in a number of different formulas.  Their original mix was really good, although I could not get over the fact that it see3med to constantly be putting me to sleep.  For some reason, the 200mg dose of caffeine always had the opposite effect of putting me to sleep, rather than wake me up.  It could have been a weird batch or something odd with my own sleep cycle, but that was the effect regardless.
This freakishly good powder comes in only two flavors, a cherry and a mint, although the cherry has a mintiness to it too.  The Shotz, however, were absolutely amazing – providing a wicket little buzz in an awesome package. So, with new Firestar Max, I have had high hopes that this would be one killer energy shot.

I was not disappointed..

Firestar Max Energy shots might be one of the most powerful and delicious energy supplements I have had all year.  The delicious flavor and the cool packaging make it a fun conversation starter, and the buzz is powerful enough to feel and enjoy nearly immediately.

This is roughly the same design as the Firestar Shotz package, of course with the words Max opposed to Shotz. I love the cute little 3 gram packets these come in, designed expertly and produced perfectly. The bluish mint or flamey red pack is very pretty with a complex design, although not too busy to be overdone. My only issue was that they did not list the caffeine, opting instead for the mention that it has about the strength of two coffees, which is silly.  Two coffees can easily have 100-500mg of caffeine , depending on the size, roast and kind of coffee.  It would make a ton more sense if they just listed 160mg of caffeine.

These last for a long while in a backpack or in the wallet too.  The package is strong enough to be put under some pretty rigorous use before you can see any wear – including being brought on a long road trip and snuck in a shoe during a particularly intense electronica concert I went to.  Really, this would make an excellent emergency energy stash to just keep around.

Firstar Max comes in two different and delicious flavors. You can get your fix in either an icy mint or an icy cherry. Either way, you are going to end up with some tasty fresh breath. The mint flavor is like a crushed certs – almost identical to the miny they have in their Shotz. There si not even a tiny trace of the caffeine or other medicinal stuff – just a delicious clean and fresh breath along with a bright burst of minty heat to cleanse the palate.

My favorite or all the Firestar powders I have tasted was also the hardest one for other people to swallow.   The cherry tasted just like Chloraseptic or Triaminic, or any of those numbing throat sprays.  Some people could not handle it, but I am a HUGE fan of that stuff, and a huge fan of this flavor of Shotz too.  Many people could not enjoy the feeling that they just finished with medicine, but I thought that is what made this taste like such a winner.

Wow.  Not much else needs to be said here. The only thing in Firestar for boosting energy is just a big dose of caffeine – but really it does not need anything else either.  The 160mg of caffeine really delivers – a great boost of energy that is delivered quickly to the bloodstream.  The only thing I noticed is that the ride is pretty slow – as I only felt the boost for a couple hours at most – but it was still certainly worth the ride.

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