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Flatt Energy Cola

I used to enjoy a Coke or Pepsi every now and then as a way to kick back and relax with a heavily sugared soda.  I did not do it very much – as the calorie count is a little higher than I would like, but I still found Coke or Pepsi to be tasty enough , if not a little bland.  Unfortunately, I am now ruined.  Coca Cola now tastes like a mix of old cigarette butts, vinegar and cheap alcohol.  My enjoyment of mass produced colas are ruined forever, and it is all the fault of Flatt Cola.

Flatt Cola is not actually flat, not even close.  Everything about this drink puts every other cola drink to shame. This is not a high falootin’ craft cola you can only find in fancy stores for 3 bucks a bottle – if you are fortunate enough to live in Wisconsin you might even find them in your local Piggly Wiggly.  This is just the best damn every-day drinking cola product I have seen to date.  I am truly surprised more people have not demanded Flatt to be carried around their areas.  I know I now have a small following who I gave some samples to that are now craving more Flatt too.  I need global Flatt domination, in a big way. Flatt looks great, tastes amazing and gives a great little boost of energy – what more could you possibly want?

In case you were ever wondering how you make the perfect design for an 8 ounce energy drink – you really need not look further for examples.  When they sent me samples, they came in a beautifully designed cardboard case – amusing enough that it was difficult to toss it into the recycling.  One of my co-workers wanted it for her desk inside.  For being a small cute 8 ounce can, they put a ton of work into it.  the design looks like a Where’s Waldo cartoon, but because everything is drawn in outlines the design does not overtake the logo – which is very unique and striking. They double face the can, and even list the caffeine content!  This is the type of can which compels a person to want to drink what is inside.

It is unbelievable how bad this makes regular Pepsi taste.  After drinking down a mere 8 ounces of Flatt, I don’t think I will be able to drink commercially available cola anymore.  I had to pour my Coca-Cola and Pepsi samples down the drain because they were so completely undrinkable.

Unlike Red Bull cola, which was a reinvention of what cola flavor is supposed to taste like,  Flatt really concentrated on making their cola taste like a cola.  While they certainly brought out a mouthful of great flavors, unless you are a Cola Connoisseur you probably won’t be able to call out the individual spices (Cinnamon? Ginger?  Chocolate?  Maybe…).  Flatt tastes all spicy and bold – something refreshing and satisfying, even in just an 8 ounce container.

Flatt Cola markets itself as a high energy cola, not really an energy drink.  This is a very accurate description too – as it is first and foremost a cola.  The ingredients list has cola-like ingredients, like caramel color, preservatives, and the mysterious “natural ingredients”, so there is no way of finding out why this cola tastes so much better than any others.  But there is a fe very unique ingredients I did not expect to see in here.

Rather than the usual overdose of Vitamin B almost every energy substance in the world has in it, Flatt went for 100% of your daily value of vitamin C.  I am not sure what vitamin C has to do with energy or taste, but I like it for a change of pace.  Flatt also uses real sugar (no sucralose or HFCS found in here) and is powered by 65mg of caffeine.

I liked the buzz you can get out of a can – even if it is not super-powerful.  For one, this means that you could down two cans of it and not feel like your heart is going to explode.  Also, with the high sugar content it is just enough of a boost to help with the afternoon slump and not get you wired up the whole night long.   Of course, I would go NUTS if they ever had a high-test version – something with a serious dose of caffeine.

Still for being a high-octane cola, this is by far the best one I have ever had the pleasure to taste.  If you are not fortunate to live in their area of the world, you can also find them online here.

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