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Frog Fuel Protein shot

Getting myself up and off to the gym is never an easy task.   The only way I can manage to get in a decent workout before work and life starts up is to get to the gym at 6AM, which means getting up and ready for the gym well before that.  I welcome any product that gets me through the obnoxiousness of waking up that early with pleasure.  One of these products is a new gel pack called Frog Fuel – no relation to Blu Frog Energy drink.

This one at least has a reason to be called Frog, as it was made by Navy SEALs, used to increase their performance and such while performing their superheroic acts across the globe.  Frogs are the common nickname for SEALs, which some say it has to do with the old SCUBA suits some of them used to wear.  Either way, this drink is supposed to give the extra edge to your workout.
My only problem with this is that even though they were nice enough to send me a few samples, they did not have the caffeinated variety (which they do sell on their site) on hand. Instead sent me the non – energy variety to sample, even though that is primarily what I review.  That being said, I still thought I should give it a try, even though I did not think that this would give me any energy without the caffeine.   I thought it was still worth a go in the gym, and hoped it could power me through a couple workouts if nothing else.
When you go to the gym you want a serious supplement – something that does not look like it came from your kid’s lunch.  You also need something that is easily taken, easy to figure out what you are taking and something that can take the abuse of being stuffed in a backpack or tossed in with all your other crap without being ripped or torn.  Frog Fuel accomplishes three of those four goals.  
Frog fuel is small – just 1 ounce of liquid, and highly concentrated.   It is a snap to open and it was very clear what this has , or in this case doesn’t have, with a quick look.  It took a day of being in my back pocket without popping, and after opening creates very little waste that can easily be packed away.
What I cant get over is the silly catoon frog on the front.   There is no way to better sell a workout shot made by and for freakin’ SEALS than by having a big Popeye frog creepily grinning at me?  Both the caffeine version I have not been able to try and the Blue non-energy version have the froggy on the front – with patriotic stars in the background.   I get what they are going for here – but I can not imagine some big dudes in Golds Gym or Afghanistan feeling secure enough to pull one of these silly frogs from their gear around their buddies – even if he could crush you with one hand.
I know this is a protein shot – so the chances of this tasting like yogurt are very high.  For some reason almost all protein energy products go for the mixed berry/protein sour flavor profile, and this stuff is no exception.   The thing that makes Frog Fuel unique is that it is concentrated yogurt, like if you took an entire cup of the mixed berry Dannon and intensified it to the power of maple syrup.   Now, I like yogurt, but the sour and chalky slurp of liquid is overwhelmingly bitter and made everyone’s face who tried it pucker.   Of the 6 people who tried it, I found one who thought it was pleasant enough that he would take it of his own volition.  All of the other tasters, including myself, thought that this powerful honey-textured goo was far too unpleasant to take – especially if there was no immediate energy boost from it either.
Nope.   Frog Fuel is full of good things for you at the gym, like amino acids and taurine, then uses a great form of protein ( collagen protein is some of the best – workout-wise that you can find).  I really like this idea – and there is certainly enough of that good stuff in here to make for a decent pre or post workout supplement.  That being said, this will not give you any of the energy needed to push yourself that etra little bit.  It will not help you recover from a very vigorous workout not will it help wake you up to get you to the gym either. 
On the other version that they did not send me, there is a decent 80mg of caffeine inside – about as much as a Red Bull or a medium coffee.   About 80 is all you really need for a decent gym product – and probably will do this product nothing but good.  
They have a website with lots of workout ideas as well as an app with motivational quotes and such at https://archive.partnershub.com/show/4/frog-fuel/widget/frog-fuel

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