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G Fuel Energy mix

G Fuel is not the drink mix you expect it to be.  This stuff is put out by Gamma Labs – the ones behind many of those sports supplements you can find in GNC and other weightlifting shops.  They sell big jugs of testosterone boosters and pre-workout formulas and such – and their packaging makes this look like something pre-made for powerful workouts in the gym.

Turns out that this is actually made for those who prefer virtual workouts – those who down pizza and onuts a while performing great feats of physical agility with their joysticks while downing 2 liters of Mountain Dew or Rockstars.  The only difference is instead of washing down their gamer snacks with loads of energy drinks, they can now guzzle super-sweet G Fuel energy drinks and get a bit of brain boosting power with their energy boost.

Truthfully, I was a bit bummed when I realized that these were not powders I could take to the gym.  They came in that brushed steel package looking like something out of a lab – and they even sent me a cool shaker so I could mix it all up on my way out the door.  It just did not seem like this would be the thing you would take to then sit on your ass and whip out Mortal Combat.  I liked it – actually I liked it a lot, but it took me a while of drinking down these powders before I was able to take it for the right circumstance.

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Now that I get it, everything seems to make a bit more sense.  However, I still think this look is better for the gym than sitting next to a bag of Ruffles.  They even sell it in those giant fat containers like they sell protein powders.  I like the idea of targeting gamers, but I am not sure that this is the way to do it.  For testing, when my son threw his birthday party and there were these along with some Diet Mountain Dews for a Mortal Combat marathon, the Diet Mountain Dews were demolished, and only a few brave souls took the time to find a glass, mix in the powder and drink.   I think it is a good idea, but I am not sure a powdered stick that you need to futz with is what people in a 19 hour marathon of violent disturbing action games is really looking for.

That being said, it is very pretty.  It is also waterproof – ish if you accidentally spill something on the package.  Every stick labels the information clearly, and the caffeine content is right there in the ingredients list.  I like their overall look, but I think it misses the target audience they are shooting for.

G Fuel comes in four flavors – Pink Lemonade, Blue Ice, Fruit Punch and Lemon Lime.  There might be a little accounting for personal taste here, but when you come down to it these all taste like yummy Kool Aid-esue sport drinks heavily sweetened and brightly colored.  I mean BRIGHTLy colored too – the lemon  lime looks like something you took accidentally in the lab and the blue looks light it would glow under UV light.  These puppies are FULL of food coloring and look most awesome when sitting around with a bunch of other people drinking boring drinks.

As far as all the flavors, the flavors are all so sweet I just can not imagine adding it to just the recommended 12 ounces of water.   This stuff is way too damn strong for that – by about half.  Adding a package into about 20-24 ounces is strong and sweet enough.  If they are trying to make a drink that would fit in a 12 ounce cup, you could really use half this package to achieve a much better flavor.

The only other downside I saw was that their mix did not really dissolve all too well – they even sent me with a shaker to help dissolve the drink with water.  Some mixes I have tried dissolve right on contact, but the pieces of powder were sometimes a little clumpy and did not dissolve fully when I got to the bottom of the cup.  Really, this is not a big deal, but it makes whatever container you are drinking it out of a little more annoying to wash out once you are done.

To hell with gaming – I found these to be the perfect things for me to take to work with me for those really hard coding sessions in the morning.  It was provided the perfect 2pm pick-me-up when my brain was feeling too sloggy to code anymore and I still had hours to go.  While I would have appreciated a bit more caffeine, I like the 150mg they put in here, along with other ingredients to help keep my brain cells popping and me alert enough to make it through the day and into dinner.  In terms of energy, expect around 2 hours of extra alertness before fading.

In terms of energy, this has a bunch of taurine, and some citrulline malate which gym folk take to decrease their muscle fatigue – so I guess you can press buttons without getting tired.There is L-Dopa in here, which i am guessing is supposed to give you a mental lift of some sort – but in terms of energy drinks this ingredient is pretty rare. They also list ATP, which I am guessing to be Adenosine triphosphate.   All around , this would be an excellent thing to take to the gym for a high aerobic workout – except for the fact that is really too sweet and lacks anything to rehydrate you.

In terms of nutrition, it is not bad either.  There is a lot to help your brain function in here, like Tyrosene, Choline and a great antioxidant formula.  I really did find that my mind was more alert and functioning after drinking this down, and love it for that alone.   I have easily gone from being brain-tired coder to alert and proficient coder in about 20 minutes.

While I am still bummed that I am not going to bringing this with me to the gym anymore, I am glad that I found something to help me on those marathon 19 hour coding sessions I seem to find myself in on a fairly regular basis now.   While I don’t really have the time for gaming enough to need a special energy drink for it, If you need a quick mental boost – I would recommend G Fuel in a heartbeat.

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