Posted October 26, 2010 by Big Red Boots in straight up energy drink

Give Energy: Grapefruit Mojito Energy Drink

From the moment I received the package of unique flavors from Give Energy, I knew I would be in for a treat. The cans look great, the all natural flavor combos are like nothing I have seen before, and they are a company who care about giving back to the community.

The first flavor I picked up is Grapefruit Mojito – which has a whole lot to live up to. Grapefruit drinks are very hit or miss – it is tough to find an OK grapefruit drink. It either works well or it nasty. And Mojitos are one of the most famous rum-based highballs, and one of the hardest good cocktails to find.

Like a Margarita, trying to get a good Mojito is very hard. I mean, buying the mix and adding rum is easy, but taste nothing like a real Mojito made Cuban style. Cuba is the birthplace of the Mojito, and is traditionally made of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime, club soda and crushed but not mashed mint leaves. If you get t right – you are a bartending god. Wrong, and it is back to working the bar at TGI Fridays. So I was expecting this to taste like a Mojito, only minus the rum, and substituting the lime for grapefruit. It did not really come to that though – tasting more like a sweet lime grapefruit soda. Not at all bad – and in fact quite good, but never would I pin this flavor down for a Mojito taste.

I think the problem is with me though. This is an absolutely wonderful drink – it is very tasty and was a treat to drink – I am just a cocktail snob. I have waited on too many people in too many good bars and clubs to suffer a cheap cocktail. For being a Grapefruit Lime drink, this was pretty dang tasty.

The art on this can was also also way above expectation. Rather than your typical can, this one easily could be called art. Not only is it beautiful and artistic, it easily conveys this companies mission – to help maintain a sustainable future. The windmill and weather perfectly illustrate what they are trying to accomplish, while still being functional.

A couple points I have to point out. The lack of double facing is a problem, and they could easily work in the logo onto the back where they describe their charity. Also, the lack of caffeine information is especially odd when you haqve such a variety of caffeinated ingredients. Lastly, the lid is not positioned in any direction. IT would be so much cooler if the artwork was facing outwards while you were drinking it.

I like all the natural caffeine substances they packed in here – but I wish there was a listing as to how much caffeine that ends up being. All the nutritional information lists is a 810 mg blend of natural caffeine, Gotu kola leaf, Yerba Mate leaf extract and Guarana seed extract.

All of those ingredients contain caffeine, but no idea how how much of what kind. I enjoyed the buzz – which was not intense, but did give me a lift and at least powered me through a rainy cold day. I even managed to stave off the coffee craving until about 4 hours later.

The brain enhancing herbs Ginko Biloba and rhodiola rosea root extract was a nice surprise – and I was definitely more alert and mentally focused for a short time after drinking. I did not have any crazy energy or jitters, but I did have a pretty heavy crash about four hours after. Getting through the day without a nap was hard – which truthfully could have been less about the drink and more about the jobs I was working on.

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