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Honey Stinger Caffeinated Lime-Aid Chews

I have wanted to try Honey Stinger chews for a long time on this site, but Stinger never put sweet caffeine into any of their energy products.  When they had an energy bar, the energy was the long lasting lots-of-protein kind of energy, not the caffeine-in-your-face kind.   They have these yummy looking waffle bars, gummy candies, gel packs – all sorts of easy to eat while working out kinds of snacks.  Unfortunately, without the caffeine, I could not get my hands on any of these to try.  Until around Christmas – when my wife snuck a  bag of yummy looking Honey Stinger energy chews with about 3mg of caffeine per energy chew!  This is the only caffeinated product they produce, and they really worked to make it tasty too.   While the bag might only contain 10 chews, finishing off 3 or 4 bags is like eating candy.  10 just are not enough.

Most of these are meant for active people on the go.  And by on the go, I mean people actually in the process of running marathons or biking across continental divides (I would have said swimming, but I’ll bet the snacks don’t hold up when soggy).   I guess that part of this company is owned by some famous cyclist, Lance…somebody… He can be seen in various pictures slamming down gel packets while winning Tour de Frances

Like all the other Honey Stinger products,it features their evil looking wasp.  Really, this is one insect I would not want to piss off.  You also get all the good selling points right  up front – like organic sweeteners, naturally made, etc…The design is cute and functional, clearly listing the caffeine content on the back.

The only thing that makes this package a little difficult is that this is used in races and such – for people on a long run or bike who want that little extra pep in their workout.  Reaching into an open bag or pouring it one handed in your mouth is pretty hard from the foil pack.  I have talked to a few serious runners who told me they actually have to take them out of the bag and have them running loose in their running pack or bouncing around in their little box on their bike.  It would be even cooler if they cound a way to make these easier to digest while working out, seeing as that is their audience.

I am a Honey Snob, and have a very hard time with commercial honeys.  I can actually taste the difference between Orange Blossom, Clover and Lavender, and have gone out of my way for a great natural single-sourced variety.   One of my favorite things about going to natural food stores are honey sticks – these little straws that are filled with delicious flavored honey.  Most of these flavors are natural too, as honey will absorb moisture from its surroundings. Whatever is immersed in the honey will dry out and leave the honey infused with whatever that flavor happens to be. I have had apple and grape and such, but my favorites are homemade hemp or bacon or habanero.
Lime is not really what I picture as a great flavor to go with honey, but it seems I am wrong.  Lime is an excellent incredible flavor that goes with honey perfectly.

I really like the buzz in here, but I just wish they could have amped this up a bit more.  This is caffeinated from white tea, and is loaded with electrolytes.  The electrolytes are a nice touch, as that helps when you are burning through the calories. They have a fiber and protein that’s derived from tapioca syrup and honey so it is all natural. There is a full day’s worth of vitamin C  and could be made with ingredients you would find in a well stocked kitchen.

However,  they wimped out for their first go at a caffeinated treat. I mean, sure – if you are in the middle of a big run you don’t want to be all wired up and jittering down the road, but a nice healthy burst of competitive zing would have been better. There’s only 32 mg of caffeine per package, not much compared other caffeinated workout treats. If there was 50 in a big this would be fantastic – and it would provide an easy to much treat for a long journey. However, with barely providing the caffeine on a Dr. Pepper, it is hard to feel anything at all from downing the entire pack.

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