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Hydrive Berry Blast energy drink mix

There are a great many reasons to extol the virtues of Hydrive Energy’s Berry Blast energy drink mix.  I have had quite a few energy drink powders in the past years, and This new package by Hydrive is one of the best there is.  Everything from the fantastic flavor to the decent energy rush to doing what you need in and out of the gym, Hydrive has created something special.  

Now I am a big fan of Hydrive’s lineup, and have been since I first saw them on the shelves of a Washington D.C. convenience store a number of years ago.  Since then I have watched the company grow and change, as they dumped their old logos and packaging for a newer and cleaner design.  Hydrive also began to branch out as a brand, someone out with energy chews and other unique products.  
I was pretty excited when they sent me a couple boxes of Hydrive to try out – and I did in just about every circumstance possible.  The only problem with this is I have become horribly addicted to the stuff – and to more than just the caffeine. I loved Hydrive’s ruggedness – its accessibility and the delicious berriness.  The worst part of this drink is that I burned through all the boxes of samples they sent me so quickly, and now I need to find more.

This comes in a standard energy drink package, although I accidentally put a couple packages through a real test.  I took a few pouches of Hydrive with me to work, and promptly forgot about them in my pants. After a good wash and dry session I uncovered them in my pants pocket – and the mix was still completely dry!  This could have been a very interesting tye-die experiment, but the Hydrive packet held up to a full washing cycle.

As for the design, it works well enough, getting across all the pertinent info in a clean fashion.  It nicely gives you all the info you need, except the caffeine content (which is a real bummer).  I know there is a lot of info on this little package, but a listing of the caffeine content sure would make this really nice.  It feels like they are hiding something from you when they don’t list it – like they are trying to pass off that it has caffeine in it at all.

One of the best things about this Hydrive berry mix is the flavor – just like the sugared Kool Aid boxes. Hydrive managed to make a flavor that not only smells and tastes delicious, but they managed to hide the energy ingredients expertly and deliver a yummy fake berry punch.

The first thing I noticed with the Hydrive mix is the lack of powder rising out of the bottom of the cup.  Most energy mixes I have tried end up with some drink dust flying in the air upon opening.  Not the case here – all the good powder stayed where it belonged.  Along with this, the entire package melts down easily, leaving virtually no residue at the bottom of the glass, and no foaming at the top leaving yucky chunks of powder.  The mix just went away very smoothly and leave a yummy glass of punch behind.

The best thing is the flavor though.  No, this does not taste like real berries or even remotely healthy. It tastes just like it should, like Kool Aid  or Crystal Light packages.  There is not even a trace of herbl chemicals in here – just a delicious berry flavor.  I started taking them to the gym, and pouring one container into a big 24 bottle of water gave me just the right amount of energy to get through  a long workout without feeling fatigued.

I ended up taking this to the gym on a regular basis out of sheer luck. I started taking one with me ever time I did cardio. Then, I found when I stopped taking them, my body CRAVED another one – like a junkie needing a fix. Even through this was just basically a plain ol’ energy drink, something about it made me feel like I was able to heal faster – work harder, and overall was in better shape when I had one.

Turns out, it was not such a bad idea. Hydrive’s formula is loaded with vitamins and minerals and such, and also contains potassium to you get those needed electrolytes in there too. There is the energy blend of caffeine, L-Taurine, L-Glycine, L-Tyrosine, Glucuronolactone, as well as a bunch of other stuff, like Vitamin C, a healthy dose of Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, and over 200% your rda of vitamin C. All this with no sugar or calories. In terms of straight on energy, this stuff rocks! The 160mg of caffeine is not a bad pick-me-up, and mixed in a water bottle at the gym leads to a great time. Outside the gym, Hydrive works too – but not as impressively. While I have had stronger drinks, having this as a daily workout beverage certainly makes a whole lot of sense, though watch out – it is hard to cut back once you try them out.

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