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Hype Energy Drink

When I was a kid I used to suffer from heartburn all the time. I can remember times at seven or eight years old I used to curl up in a ball in pain over a glass of too-sweet grape juice or a particularly sweet and citric fruit syrup. This is also the time I was introduced to Brioski, an Old-world medicine for heartburn. Like Alka Seltzer, Brioschi is an antacid which fizzes in water. It has a very unique flavor, but it is not nasty like Pepto Bismol. Instead, Brioschi tastes linda good and lemony. This brings me to this review of Hype, an energy drink whih seems to taste just like a mixture of Brioschi and Red Bull, and strangely works pretty well as an antacid as well.

This is the flagship product by Hype – an internationally distributed energy drink company from the Netherlands. You are just as likely to see an ad or billboard for Hype in the middle of Iran as much as in a magazine in France. You can even find it in the US – if you look hard enough.  It makes sense that this is their main product, as it is the most generic looking of all their products, and the most Red Bullish as well.

This international theme of their product takes on certain characteristics, including this most unique package. It needs to conform to all regulatory bodies around the world, so it lists the caffeine, various warnings and even the slogan in multiple languages. Even the background of the can is covered in cool multi-language Hype love, like “sens toi bien disfruita Hype, “crois en hype” and “Die energie zu jeder party!”  They have all the right stuff o the label like the caffeine content, while double facing the product and providing contact info.

Functionally, I accidentally put this can through the ringer, and it turned up to hold up very well under great pressure. First, it was airmailed to me from overseas, then I accidentally left it in the back of Bertha, my energy drink fridge, where it froze and puffed out to extreme proportions. When I found it in the back, I moved it out gingerly so it would not explode, and left it on the counter to thaw. After all that, it opened perfectly, and tasted just how it should be inside – it did not even settle or go flat!

As I mentioned before, this tasted a little like antacids, but that is not in any way a bad thing.  I was a little surprised to see that sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid was not actually in the ingredients list, one of the more important ingredients of Broischi.  Funny how taste memory works…

Regardless Hype is very nice – if not totally original.  The color is different, coming out a nice bright pink instead of the  usual caramel colored dull brown.  The flavor starts off as a Red Bull clone, nd then they add enough subtle nuances to set it apart, like the bit of vanilla and lemon.  While it would have been cool if their flavor was something that was original, this would not be a bad one to have stocked in the fridge of the U.N. Building.

Unfortunately, like all of hypes products, caffeine content is regulated in many European countries, and no more than 80mg is allowed in an 8 ounce can.  No matter what you do to the packaging, the most buzz you can find was set down long ago.  Unless you go bigger, you will not find any stronger than the 80mg this has, which is fine.

They put all the normal energy drink stuff in here too, like taurine, b vitamins, et al, which, unfortunately, are the same as any other European energy drink. This is about as tame as having a small cup of coffee or any little 8 ounce energy drink, enough to get a cut the craving, but unless you are down with slamming three or four of these you will not get any real rush.

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