Posted August 17, 2012 by Big Red Boots in energy shot

Hype Energy Shot

It makes sense that a big company like Hype would also make an energy shot.  After all, once Monster, Red Bull, Venom and every other big bottler has gotten into the energy shot game, you can not really be seen as a player on the world beverage stage without having one of these in your repertoire.  Hype’s shot is a decent affair, certainly not going after the 5 Hour energy market, but for for the more extreme crowd who would be taking this before BMXing in sewer pipes and flinging themselves off of buildings in parkour fashion.  This is not a shot for people who need that 2pm lift as much as that competitive X-Games edge.

With all the work it usually takes to make an energy shot, I am surprised more energy drink companies don’t just do this – just bottle their syrup and sell it as a shot.  This seems to be what Hype did with their energy shot – just fill the bottle up with Hype syrup and call it a day.

That is all not to say I didn’t like it.  I thought it was pretty dang tasty.  I liked their Hype MFP, and this is basically the same thing only without the bubbles.  It has that same sharp basic energy drink flavor, only with a bit more mellow to the tartness.  Hype energy shot is incredibly easy to drink, sliding down my throat in one easy gulp. It was not thick, but it was sure sweet and sticky, and left a tart sweetness in my mouth for a long time after.

Unfortunately, just making their syrup into a shot means a whole lot less of the good stuff too.  I read on other reviews that this had somewhere around 120mg of caffeine, which is serious enough to at least call you to attention.  Unfortunately, the buzz in this shot is the weakest of any energy shot I have yet tried – 60mg.  That puts this at about the level of a Diet Mountain Dew.  Mind you, drinking 12 ounces of Hype Shots would get you crazy wired, but just one Hype shot is not really going to do anything for your energy.

This does have an energy blend to help give the drinker a boost, but the amounts are pretty low as well.  While most energy shots that people are familiar with have well over 100 – 5,000 the RDA of vitamin B complex, Hype Shots have just 50%.  It has undisclosed amounts of Taurine and Inositol, but not enough to really lift me into the amount of caffeine I need to have coursing through my veins.

Overall, the design of Hype Energy Shot is lovely, taking its cue from the Hype MFP Energy Drink design scheme.  I love the carbon fiber look, and the layout and colors are very clean and cool.  I like the original packaging, and that they made their own 2 ounce shot package rather than reuse one of the more popular shapes.  I did see an earlier design of this bottle,and it is FAR improved from the earlier design, fixing glaring flaws in the look.  They do list the caffeine amount, as well as a full nutritional label.  They even manage to double print the name of the drink so it can get noticed from different angles.

The only thing that I find weird is not really a problem with the package as much as what the package is holding.  There are all these warnings all over the bottle.  There is a big green “Increased Energy for Hours”, “High Caffeine content!” and “6 Hour Power Energy Shot” on the little bottle, which is in this case is nothing but Hype.  That is a real shame, because the bottle itself is very pretty, and also very informative.  If they only kept the same powerful energy shot mixture they had in their earlier version this one would be a real winner.

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