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Hype MFP Energy Drink

I really enjoy Hype’s drinks, and have been looking forward to Hype MFP, a carbon fibered souped up  version of their line. If there were spoilers and big plastic chrome rims made for energy drinks Hype MFP would be the ones sporting the bling. If I was ever caught racing a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII through the streets of Tokyo, this is the drink I would want to have in my custom cup holder. Everything about this drink screams speed. One thing I was not quite able to figure out is the MFP part of the name.  Mind you, I am not very good at acronyms – which probably explains why I hate txtspeak oh so very much.  Either take the 3 seconds to actually write the damn thing out or dont bother saying it at all.  I am not saying that I am not full of grammatical errors and mistakes, but at least all of those are unintentional.

Back to Hype MFP, which must is probably within one of my top 20 Most Favorite Pops of all international drinks I have had, it is much the same as Many Flavored Products Hype has out.  Still, it looks cool, tastes like a great clone, and is as strong as it legally can be when sold globally.

I love the carbon fiber, one of My Favorite Platings, right there with diamond plate and shiny Chrome.  As a matter of fact, I am covering one of My Fantastic Possessions, a classic 1979 vespa P125 with chrome and carbon fiber all over, which obviously will make it go about 10 miles an hour faster. While all the designs that Hype has for all their drinks, there is no question this can is More Freakin’ Pretty that all the other Hype flavors.

In terms of mechanics, it covers all the bases well too.  There is the contact info, a high quality and easy to read printing job, the listing of caffeine is clear – along with all the other ingredients, and does so without resorting to idiotic catchy paragraphs about Recovering in Vegas or Kicking Out the Jams
 lie many other drinks do. This is just a good design executed well.  The only thing I wish for is a larger container. Getting something like this is 16 ounce form would really be a feast for the eyes.

Yes, this is a clone of Red Bull, but it is a very good one.  It is more tart and sweet than the usual clone drinks are.  Hype MFP is not bitter, but sweet and sour, like a margarita.  It actually tasted close enough for me to mix some with tequila for a very tasty, yet small, shot. That also cut down on the heavy syrupy nature of  this drink , as they used natural sugar as a sweetener.  While this is not going to win any awards for uniqueness, they do the Red Bull flavor right.

This does have the Most Full Prescription of caffeine allowed internationally, 80mg per little 8 ounce can.   While the US might not have any caffeine restrictions, one of the cooler things about Hype is that it is an international energy drink.  This is sold just as much (if not more) in the Middle East and Europe as in America.  That means the most caffeine allowed is 80mg per 8ounce can (or 32mg per 100ml).  It does not really how intense a package or how cool looking a particular energy drink from europe is, every drink from overseas will always be no more than this one..

This is one area in which I am very thankful for the US not cracking down on legislation limiting caffeine in products.  I love my Monster Blue and Rockstar Xdurance too much to have them be discontinued For too Much Power. For Maximum Power, the rest of their energy blend consists of 1000 mg Taurine, Glurcuronoactone, ginseng,inositol, and some B vitamins. It comes with 100 calories, and 25 grams of carbs and sugars.

Don’t expect a huge buzz out of this – as it is just a little 8 ounce can. That being said, it does do a decent job of at least helping you maintain your energy.  I did not get any real rush – but I did not get sleepy either.  Surprisingly, the sleepiness did not come later either.  Usually drinks that are so high in sugar make me crash after they wear off – and effect of the high sugar leaving my bloodstream.  Maybe because of the size, but I felt no such crash – just a nice mellow wearing off.

I really do appreciate Hype MFP.  It is nice knowing that there is even a little substance behind its sharp style.

Big Red Boots