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I Am Sleepy relaxation drink

“I Am” is the name of a very unique drink company, specializing in making people feel a certain way after drinking their drinks.  For instance, their product “I Am Happy” is supposed to lighten your mood.     Their idea is that if you think better than you feel better – which sounds pretty Woo Science to me. According to their website, they are trying to latch on to that truly believe that naturopathy, meditation and yoga and aligning your chakras will help your long-term overal health. Basically, they are all about the combination of science and mystic magical forces.

That being said, I should not hold that against them, as some of my friends believe that certain foods can cleanse their auras and drinking vinegar will cure them of all their ills.   According to their directions, this is how you are supposed to drink I AM:

How to best take I AM:

  • First, hold the bottle in your hands and begin to feel the positive experience that is held within.
  • Tune into your breathing as you read the bottle, knowing you are about to achieve your desired feeling.
  • Shake, twist off the cap and consume, focusing your energy on the drinks great taste and powerful ingredients being delivered to your body.
  • Bring awareness to your thoughts and how your body will feel over the next 20 minutes as your body absorbs and assimilates the formulas into your bloodstream.
  • See yourself as completely well in your new state of being and visualize yourself doing what it is you desire exactly as you had planned for.
  • Be grateful for the desired state of being that is soon coming to you.

I think I will do exactly none of those things – except for maybe the shake, twist and consume part.

I relly enjoy this package – as it is nice and unassuming – and lets you know how it is that you are supposed to feel in clean bold impact letters.   There is something comforting about this, as well as giving it a real professional feel.  I love the purple, and the little extra size in the bottle (2.5 ounces as opposed to the standard 2.5) is just enough to help stick this out from the crowd.

Also sticking out fromt he crowd is the warnings for melatonin on here – announced at least four different times on the bottle.  That’s OK by me though, as I love the melatonin to help me get a good night’s sleep. While I don’t buy into the self-hypnotic state the bottle tries to get you on, I do enjoy the simplicity and elegance of this bottle without going over the top.

They saved the over the top for the flavor, which is really delicious.   I Am Sleepy tastes absolutely fantastic! I liked this flavor so much I wish they came out with a non-sleepy formula just so I could drink more. The best way to describe the flavor is a mix of grapefruits and lemons, but that is not quite all of it.  The flavor is a bit more complex, almost like a citrus punch without having that funny super-sweet aftertaste many of them do.

The surprising thing is that there is no grapefruit or any real fruit at all, excepting for a little lemon juice as the last ingredient.  The rest of this is all natural sweeteners and flavors.  No Matter thought, it does not taste fake or harsh at all – which is saying something that uses stevia – a very chalky and harsh sweetener.  I gotta say – I am quite impressed.

I love my melatonin.  When I take it for going to sleep, i usualy end up taking about 3-4 grams of the stuff, which is the amount found in here.  They also pack in other calming ingredients, like
Within about 30 seconds I found myself yawning and all the lovely substances get absorbed into my body.  It is like very slowly sinking into unconsciousness – and it is a most pleasurable sensation.

There is quite a lot of good stuff in here too.  All of it is natural, from the stevia to the Erythritol, there is not a non-vegan, non-kosher item in the bunch. You can find the other sleep-inducing ingredients in here, although Chamomile, L-Tryptophan, hops and theanine will not do a whole lot to calm you – unless you are really the kind of person who gets affected by herbal tea. Really, the other stuff does not matter – it is the lovely big dose of melatonin that really does me in. What is nice is that both times I did not wake up sluggish, which is a little unusual for melatonin. I get a melatonin hangover most times I take it – not ad but just crave that first couple cups of coffee. With I Am Sleepy, I actually woke up refreshed and ready to get to work. While I am not sure about all the Ayurvedic Hogwash science that goes along with this shot line, I would gladly use this to have my state of being move to a horizontal level.

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