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International Delight On-The-Go Mocha Iced Coffee

I really don’t want to like International Delight’s new On-The-Go mocha drink.  I scoff at people who add International Delight creamers to their brews the same way that I get when people order their scotch on the rocks.  If you are going to go mucking up the original intended flavor of a drink, at least have the decency to not have it be all silly and Frou Frou.  OK, I give a little leeway or milk and sugar, but a coffee is supposed to still taste like coffee, not mocha caramel Cinnabon Almond Joy cottonseed oil and thickening agent with a touch of coffee flavor.

The problem is that I really like International Delight’s new On-The-Go mocha drink, I like it a whole hell of a lot.  Maybe I am going soft around the edges, or maybe I am just giving in, but these handy little grab-and-go bottles are just perfectly tasting sweet yummy concoctions of real coffee, and more delicious than I could have imagined.

International Delight’s new On-The-Go mocha comes in these handy four pack boxes that make life easy all around – as long as you keep them refrigerated – there are not enough preservatives to keep them fresh for an extended period of time (which is a good thing).

How often to coffee drinks have the caffeine listed on them?  Of course the answer is not ever.  Except in this case, where the little handy jug helpfully lists there is 76mg of caffeine in it – about as much caffeine as an energy drink.  Also, it looks pretty while it does it too.  These little 8 ounce plastic bottles are designed very prettily,  and while they might not win any awards, it is certainly a decent job.

The really cool thing they did do is list caffeine content – something almost no other coffee drink does, minus a few put out by Starbucks.  When you figure that into their nicely designed bottle, there is quite a lot to commend.

Now here is the thing.  Most bottled coffee drinks end up tasting like fake useless garbage.   Eight times out of ten when you pick up a pre-made coffee drink you are going to end up with either a too-sweet too strong coffee flavored Kool Aid, a coffee flavored milkshake on your hands or some cold burned-tasting weak limp thing.  Rarely do you end up with what you were hoping for – a really good not-so-sweet strong REAL coffee that just happens to be lightly iced and creamy.

One of the things that ruin perfectly good coffee can be laid directly on International Delight’s feet – those little awful creamers that turn a coffee drink into so much fake sweet garbage.   Don’t get me wrong, there are times when my coffee is so bad that adding 4 or 5 little cups of their awful chemical filled non-milk artificial packets of too-sweet garbage to my coffee is the only thing that makes it palatable, but this is to coffee as Boone’s Farm is to wine.  

Mix those two together and there was little hope for this coffee drink to turn out drinkable.   Funny thing though, it is more that just a little drinkable.  It is in fact one of the best cold coffee drinks I have ever had.

Maybe it is because they use real coffee or they left out their chemical storehouse or they just concentrated on making a delicious cup of coffee, but they just managed to make this iced coffee drink a real treat – with just enough thickness (I saw carageenan in the ingredients list – it is a seaweed used to thicken up protein drinks and chocolate milks) and sweetness (real sugar used in here) and more importantly Real Coffee to have me contemplating if maybe I got International Delight all wrong.  Maybe they aren’t the harbinger’s of coffee death that they always seemed to be.

Here is the thing about using regular coffee – you don;t need to do anything to get a nicely caffeinated drink.  You don’t need to add much else to get a good buzz going off the 76mg of caffeine per 8 ounce jug.  When you think that this is just about what you would find in eight ounces of Red Bull or Monster, and the fact that this is just so damn drinkable,  you can end up with a couple of these picked off and a ton of cold sweet caffeine pumping through your veins in less than a minute.  The Buzz is nice – as you would expect from such a smooth drinking coffee.

The ingredients list also impressed me.  First ingredient is actually coffee, followed by milk, sugar, corn syrup, cream, sweet whey, cocoa, Gellan Gum (a thickener used in drinks and Gummi treats), Flavorings, carageenan and some sodium citrate because you can not have this be an International Delight product without just a midge of chemical preservative.  Still though, this is mostly just coffee and milk and sugar and chocolate, which really makes this product shine.

Coffee (Water, Coffee Extract), Skim Milk, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Cream, Contains 2% Or Less of Each of The Following: Sweet Whey, Cocoa (Processed With Alkali), Gellan Gum, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Carrageenan, Sodium Citrate.

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