Posted October 22, 2010 by Big Red Boots in workout/sports energy drinks

Ironclad Triple Citrus Energy Drink

When I go to the gym, I don’t mess around. I know there are those people who use the gym as their hangout spot, spending hours talking with friends, taking leisurely saunas and occasionally doing a lift or two. I hate those people. They do nothing but block my way and take up space on exercise machines.

I kick my ass on cardio every morning. I work hard at the gym and spend my time doing what I came there to do – and usually by the end of my morning routine, I sweat out 5-6 pounds. Seriously. By the end of the workout I look like I was dipped in the pool – drenched from my eyeballs to my ankles. Lately to keep myself hydrated, I have been turning to a new hydration drink, Ironclad Energy. This stuff is like Gatorade, only caffeinated. While it is not great for pre-workouts, as a post workout hydration drink, this stuff helps me recover and get on with my day in no time.

This is a lovely no-nonsense can, which does everything it should do well. It is a great looking can – with a stellar and easy to read design. It is double facing, so it is easier on the convenience store workers to deal with, a nice to-the-point paragraph on the drinks, a listing of caffeine and other ingredients and what do do with their cool drink tabs. Talking about the tabs, I really like their look, and the idea that you can collect them and send them in for stuff, like Bazookas or Dum Dum wrappers for grownups.

While the flavor listed here is Triple Berry, this is most like a classic Gatorade flavor. Really, it is like thedirect port of lemon lime Gatorade, down to the slight salty finish. Knocking back a 16 ounce can of this after working out is about the easiest thing to do – gone in about four gulps.

Like most hydration drinks, this drink might not taste so amazing or really give you much of what you are craving if you are not using it properly. This is not a drink that you are supposed to drink when you are just feeling a little sluggish. This was meant to help after a gruelling task, like running a 10k, fixing a roof, toting a barge, lifting bales, you get the idea. Otherwise, this tastes like a slightly salty lemon lime energy drink with a slight sour edge. After working up a good sweat however, my body could not have desired anything more.

The same goes true with the buzz in this drink. It has a moderate amount of caffeine, enough that it is about standard for an energy drink. There is 154 mg caffeine + some extra caffeine from 100mg guarana, 2 grams of Taurine, Ribose, L-Luciene, L-Valine, and the ever present B vitamins. This puts it on par with most of your big maned energy drinks – except for the Ribose, which is an interesting and more unique energy offering.

The secret in this drink is the hydration formula: sodium,potassium,magnesium and calcium add together to really help give your body back what it needs after a long hot hard day of physical activity. i am not making a pitch here, and I really don’t think it is psychosomatic either. My recovery time after the gym is almost immediate – and though I don’t really feel a rush or buzzed from it, I can almost make it through lunch before needing a caffeine refill. If you are just looking for a nice energy drink I would pass this on by, but if you are in the middle of strenuous manual labor, an icey Ironclad is sweet nectar from the gods.

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