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Ishot Energy Shot

What is with adding “i” or “e” to products that make them hip?  “e” came from the 90’s, with the introduction of internet based stuff. We saw the eDiet for online dieting, eDating and ePapers.  Then of course, Apple is wholly to blame for the “i” revolution – giving birth to iDogs, iDesks and iVibes for that tingly musical Experience.  Today I am trying out a shot which might be trying to capitalize this new iPhase with iShot energy shots.

Unlike every other iThing, this does  not come in a self-important, smug, smarmy,cooler-than-you-will-ever-hope-to-be  package as EVERY apple product does.  Maybe that is because this product comes from overseas in the UK, so it does not need to be as presumptuous as here in the US. Interestingly, other than the “i”, this does not have anything to do with internet or technology.  It barely even lists its website.

Packaging: 9
That does not mean this is not one very sleek package.  IT is minimalist, for sure, but I do enjoy the clean uncluttered approach – even while listing an into paragraph, warnings, ingredients list and recommended usage.  Probably the coolest thing about it is the black matte label they put on it – giving the little drink an elegance than most energy shot packages don;t have.  The whole design looks clean and unobtrusive, and the name really sticks out.
I love how they even list the caffeine, plus put the silly “equals a cup of coffee” on it.  If they left it at just that “1 cup” goofyness I would have been more harsh – but listing the caffeine content, as well as all the other energy ingredients is just the topping on the cake.

I was not expecting much from this shot, mainly because 120mg of caffeine is not a terribly strong dose for an energy shot.  I was quite surprised when two hours later I was still going strong, forgoing my morning mug of coffee.  To keep this buzz, there is a plethora of stuff in here, using Taurine,  Ginseng, Glucurolactone, L-Carnitite, inositol, the host of B vitamins and the caffeine from guarana and green tea.  The green tea is also an anti-oxidant, if that means anything to you readers (there is enough evidence that ingesting anti-oxidants actually do not help expel bad stuff from your body, but people still seem to be caught up trying to drink themselves pure).
They also do a whole lot of natural ingredients in here, which I appreciate.  The use spring water, natural flavors and grape skin for color.  They flavor this with maltodextrin and the super popular sucralose/acelsulfame K blend. The only thing I saw that is not terribly healthy is the preservative Potassium Sorbate, which is used to prevent the production of yeast and mold in the shot.

The flavor of this surprised me the most.  I did not know what to expect from this being the flavor of “Original”, as that could mean that it is a classic 5 hour knock off, or a very original flavor.  In this case, this hints of berry, but is more sour and tangy.  It tasted a whole lot like a kids berry vitamin crushed into raspberry lemonade.  It was completely unexpected and really tasty.  The sour hit my tongue, and then after a second or two the sweetness kicked in and left my mouth feeling clean and a little hint of sweet.  If only all Original Flavored shots were this tasty.

While for now the only place to find this is in Petrol stations, it is available online as well at ishotenergy.com. if you are looking online to get cases of energy shot iRecommend you check it out.

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