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Jett Vodka

I have always hated Los Angeles. Everything about LA is something I despise. Like walking. I happen to like doing it – and actually walk further than to my car and back. I feel there is something wrong when the people I see around me have more plastic than my scooter. I actually could care less about the calories in my tequila shooter and none of my friends have extra consonants in their names. Not to mention, I can’t imagine living in any place where Zoot suits are prohibited.

That being said, I guess I now have a good reason to come to the big city -Jett Vodka, right now just available in California. Jett is a super premium quadruple distilled grain vodka. Of course, there is more to it if it appears on this site – because it also as a non-perceptable dose of caffeine, Guarana and ginseng. Everything about this drink is done with the upmost care, from the unique packaging to the smooth and flavorful vodka to the kick of energy. Taste:10
I have become a bit more of a vodka snob in the past few years, scorning mos vodkas that are either named after famous people or sponsored by famous people. I have also become skeptical of vodkas that are made from grains, as opposed to traditional potato. So I was initially hesitant to try Jett, as it comes from combination of wheat and rye from Southern France. There was no need however, as it was distilled five times, filtered three times, and had it’s very unique bouquet worked to perfection. I would place this vodka against any potato Grey Goose any day. It was not completely smooth, and actually had a little a bite to it, although I did notice some sweeter flavor in the aftertaste after the bitterness. Unlike some Caffeinated vodkas that have no flavor at all, this one ismade for vodka lovers more than those people just looking for a buzz.

As for the energy ingrediets, somehow they have no flavor in here at all. Caffeine, guarana and gineng all are very flavorful ingredients, and definietly have a taste. Somehow, Jett has masked those in such a way that even a vodka loving friend could not tell the difference between a drink of top shelf vodka and Jett. For tose of you who are Vodka drinkers, you won’t be disappointed. For those who just like to party, try mixing this up with some Vuka Awaken Orange for a brain blasting Screwdriver that will keep you awake all night (trust me on this one – do not partake after 7 if you have work in the morning. IT is hard to just drink one of them)

Buzz/Nutrition: 9
You could tell the production process to develop jett took great care. This 80 proof drink is produced in France, where they somehow worked their magic. For being caffeinated, the buzz you get is something extraordinary. I would put the caffeine content at around 40 or so mg per drink, which is really quite a lot if this is your main source of alcohol for the evening. A person could easily knock back four or five shots of this in a short time and be quite perked up. At least now, club kids don’t have to mix a fine alcohol with crappy energy drink to keep the party going.

While I have seen cooler bottles of caffeinated Vodka, Jett is still pretty beautiful. I love the chromed cap, and the bottleshape is lovely. The whole font choice and color layout isalso very top notch. While not frosted, beveled or glow-in-the-dark, like many caffeinated vodkas seem to be, this still stands out very clearly from the Skyys and Absoluts on the Liquor store shelf.

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