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Jim Beam and Cola

Seeing as so many caffeinated alcohol drinks are now on the chopping block, I thought it was due time to try all the caffeinated premixed drinks there are available.  I plan on enjoying these drinks to the full, and employing whatever means necessary to get hold of these now elusive nuggets of illegal liquid gold.

On my last trip to the ckeazy liquor store near my house, I came across this beautiful jewel of a drink, mixing the caffeine of a cola with the power of a Whiskey.  Jim Beam and Coke is certainly not a new concept to me – as it is one of the only ways to actually get down cheap burbon whiskey like this one.  Beam, Jack and the rest of the whiskeys might be cool and rebellious, but really have always been the bastart stepchild of that family.  Whiskey is what you drink when you are a teenager and don;t know better.  As you mature, you discover the flavor of single malt scotch, and then finally get a palette sophisticated enough for Cognac.   While I am still on the scotch level of maturity, I can remember my love affair with Jim Beam well.  The drink was best for fighting, ass kicking, slurring aqnd punching holes in walls.  Adding coke was the only way to drink it in polite society and not end up with yourself in a jail cell.  Even Jim Beam itself stated that two-thirds of Jim Beam consumers said that mixing the whiskey with cola was their preferred way to drink the brand.

So of course what could be more natural for the Jim Beam folks to come out with a premixed version of their favorite drink. As Tom Hernquist, senior vice president of marketing at Jim Beam Brands Worldwide stated, “The new Beam and Cola ready-to-drink product takes the most popular way of consuming Jim Beam Bourbon and puts it in a convenient, high quality and refreshing format.”

Drinking these down was EXACTLY like ordering a Beam and coke on an airplane.  It was a watery half done experience that more that anything else made me wish for a shot of whiskey.  I was really surprised this only has 5% alcohol.  That means that there is a bit less than your usual shot in the cola.  Seeing as Jim Beam is 40%, that means that there is quite a bit less than a full shot in here.  I don’t mind that there is not quite as much a kick in here as the original, but it really affects the flavor, and the alcoholic  buzz.  The caffeine in this is also not terribly buzzy – at least per can. hile Beam is not talking ( most likely due to the FDA ruling), it seems like there is a usual cola amount  – around 30mg per can.   Of course, that just meant I had to increase my consumption level and down a four pack, and get a good 100-120mg of caffeine in the process.

The flavor of the Jim Bean and cola is much better than I expected.  Still, it tasted watery and limp – which is why I drank whiskey  at home, and with Jim Beam, usually alone.  There was just something sooo right about putting on a Vinyl record of George Thorogood or Buddy Guy and Drinking my way though a bottle of Whiskey. Of course now I have progressed to a bottle of scotch and the Pogues, but it is still with the same effect.  I thought this was going to taste like  malt liquor, but there was none to be found.  It really tasted, and is, a cheap cola mixed with a slightly watered down 4 year old Jim Beam.  It was all too easy to knock down a four pack and go hunting for more.
Unfortunately, it forced me to walk down to the skeazy liquor store and get some red Jim Beam and Coke, and make the drink properly.

While Beam is a drink for depressive types, it is not so much with these cans – they look downright festive!   While Jim Beam looks serious and like a drinkin’ persons drink, this can could just as easily be seen in the hands of an underage party girl as well as in the bedroll of a grisly biker.  The black and while with the signature red was a great way to distinguish this one as a Jim Beam drink, and though of course there was no listing of caffeine amounts, at least this drink did mention there was some to be found in it.  While I highly doubt this design is going to win any awards, it certainly got the job done.

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